PRO SIEGES MARINE is a French company distributing seats for professional ships and passenger vessels in France and Italy. PRO SIEGES MARINE Manager Frédéric Olivier is part of Vert Banquise, a sailing crew comprising friends and colleagues with sailing experience, to travel by sea to Svalbard.


In March 2023, Vert Banquise set sail from France to travel north for the next 3 months. They had planned to pass different regions along the way. While at sea, the crew still need internet access, especially to stay in touch with their businesses and promote a fully nomadic working life. They required a network setup that would provide a connection, at least near the coast, without leaving their vessel. 


Before their departure, Vert Banquise deployed a Balance 20X aboard their vessel to enable cellular connectivity. They installed a Peplink Dome with 5G capabilities at the masthead, adding another 5G channel to the setup. And since the Dome is placed about 20m high, a SIM Injector was connected and kept at an accessible location. 


As most of the Vert Banquise crew are entrepreneurs, working on board is a key requirement this deployment easily met. The Dome made it possible to reach 5G signals while sailing by the coast, while the SIM Injector made SIM cards for different regions more convenient.

Frédéric and the Vert Banquise crew found the setup very helpful in keeping their workflow fully operational, achieving fast connectivity speeds especially when not too far from the coasts.

“When you think of GSM communications, there is no comparison possible with Peplink. Although we have been looking at other suppliers, the choice was already made.”

Frédéric Olivier, Vert Banquise


Balance 20X

  • Deployed to Vert Banquise’s vessel
  • Enables up to 2 cellular connections
  • High throughput to facilitate multiple crew members working online

SIM Injector

  • Connected to the HD Dome and kept on board 
  • Holds up to 8 SIMs from multiple carriers
  • Enables convenient switching while sailing across different regions

HD Dome Series

  • Installed on the vessel’s masthead, 20 meters high
  • Provides 5G connectivity for the vessel 
  • Delivers fast speeds for working on board with Wi-Fi 6