Major US Hospitals Use Peplink’s SpeedFusion to Deliver Unbreakable Connectivity on and off Campus

23 November 2021 – Peplink, a company which makes connectivity reliable, enables mission-critical connectivity for major US hospitals to meet the day-to-day challenges required by modern healthcare.

The need for 24/7 reliable connectivity in hospitals is apparent. Even with great infrastructure, this becomes very challenging. This is further complicated by sharply increasing need to deliver the same quality of care to off-site facilities, especially with COVID-19. The need for high-availability connectivity at a moment’s notice will continue to be a critical element in modern healthcare networking.

Yale New Haven Hospital (New Haven CT), Lehigh Valley Health Network (Allentown PA), and a large public hospital in Dallas Texas have used Peplink for both on and off-campus health operations. Now, these hospitals are using Peplink to build completely remote COVID testing and vaccination sites where wired networks or electricity outlets are not present. To Peplink’s enterprise partner, West Networks, this is not a problem. Their solution enclosed high-bandwidth Peplink mobile enterprise routers within battery-powered portable cases. With Peplink’s SpeedFusion technology, these cases can be deployed within minutes to provide resilient networks for remote sites.

Peplink SpeedFusion combines multiple 4G, 5G and wired network links into a single connection for all critical applications. When one of the connections goes down, performance of the whole network is barely affected. While other solutions may also include multiple LTE or wireline connections, only one connection is utilized at a given time, and are much more vulnerable to reliability issues.

Don Eldred, Network Engineer for YNH Hospital said “The Peplink solution allowed us to deploy remote connectivity for COVID testing and vaccination efforts quickly. The solutions allowed for fast deployment time and reliable connectivity. Locations that may have taken upwards of 45 days to deliver could be deployed within hours.”

Nathan Husser, Senior Network Analyst for Lehigh said “Peplink made our information system more streamlined and reliable. The extreme versatility, ease-of-use and reliability of Peplink was especially useful for our remote COVID-19 vaccination stations and drive-through sites. Setting up and managing all those Peplink equipment was very easy thanks to Peplink’s InControl2 network controller. On top of that, West Networks quickly addressed all of our issues, even during off hours.”

Keith Chau, General Manager of Peplink said “Peplink and its partners enable people to be connected anywhere. These deployments show that customers can have reliability and mobility at the same time without compromise”

About West Networks: West Networks is based in the US and provides businesses with exceptional communication and connectivity through SD-WAN solutions. West Networks has been a long term Peplink reseller and has successfully completed numerous projects for large enterprises across many industries. Learn more about West Networks.

About Peplink: Peplink makes connectivity reliable. Peplink’s ecosystem, SpeedFusion technology and SD-WAN routers have been deployed around the world, helping thousands of customers from many industries increase bandwidth, enhance Internet reliability, reduce connectivity cost, or enable new deployment possibilities. Learn more about Peplink.

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