female doctor checking mammography on ipad


Anmed Health’s mobile clinic was tasked to use high tech equipment to carry out mammography and quickly produce accurate scans for radiologists to send back to the clinic in real time. The results were then released to patients within 7-10 days. This meant that the mobile vehicles needed connectivity that ensured the mammograms were produced and sent in real time.


To ensure that scans are produced efficiently enough and sent in real time to radiologists, 12 of our fastest modems, HD1 DOME, were mounted across 2 rows on top of the truck roof. It’s hard exterior and enclosure makes the HD1 DOME suitable for any weather conditions.

12 hd domes mounted on top of the mobile clinic for mammography
sdx pro and sim injector setup inside mobile clinic for mammography

These 12 Domes are then connected to the SDX Pro inside of the truck which is able to bond together cellular connections. This ensures speed and reliability through SpeedFusion technology, Bandwidth Bonding.

West Networks incorporated 2 SIM Injectors for fast SIM change that ensured that changing the SIM of the HD1 DOME was not rocket science. Instead, it allowed the SIM cards to be located away from the router offering ease of access and maintenance.


This configuration allows Anmed Health’s mobile clinic to experience reliable connectivity so they are able to offer convenient and valuable mammograms testing to their community.

Peplink prides itself to ensure you experience unbreakable connectivity. Anytime. Anywhere. Check out the video in this case study to learn how to utilize this versatile deployment in other fields!

mobile clinic for mammography


sdx-pro for mammography case study
HD-dome for mammography case study
SIM-injector for mammography case study

Modular and flexible powerhouse router with 8 PoE+ ports to supply power and house SIMs assignable to HD1 Domes.

Encased in and IP67 enclosure, making it ideal for outdoor deployments to receive and transmit signals with more focus.

Connect to a compatible router to increase SIM slots and allow convenient changing of SIM Cards