Implementing reliable and secure connectivity in remote areas can be very challenging for some, especially if time is limited.

Our passionate US partner, West Networks teamed up with Lehigh Valley Health Network (LHVN) to deliver a rapidly deployable connectivity solution for their mobile vaccine drive-through clinic project.


Due to the remote location and the need for high bandwidth, the MBX 5G was deployed at local sites. This flexible device provided concurrent connectivity from a single 5G and three LTE connections, all via its embedded cellular radios.

The MBX 5G is housed in a custom West Networks SpeedFusion case, providing additional protection to the already shock and vibration resistant industrial design. Flexible power inputs allow a mobile generator to be used safely to provide consistent power.

Two Balance 1350s were installed at the headquarters in a High Availability configuration to provide optimal operational performance and a backup at times of high load.

By linking the mobile clinics to the headquarters, a SpeedFusion VPN tunnel was created to provide secure connectivity for confidential data.


The result is SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding doing its magic, aggregating cellular links into one tunnel, making the network ready for a serious volume of data to be transmitted. Various Load Balancing algorithms were used to fine-tune each connection depending on priority or even application. This achieved the goal for this project of establishing a reliable yet secure connection.

“We’re impressed by the amazing throughput! Our drive-through events have never been smoother.”

Nathan Husser, Sr Network & Communications Analyst, LVHN


  • Multi-WAN quad-cellular powerhouse router, supporting additional 3x 5G modems.
  • Future-proof device, allowing new technologies to be implemented via the expansion module. 
  • Able to create a SpeedFusion tunnel with the FusionHub, and benefit from SpeedFusion technologies..
  • Provides the ability to evenly distribute data traffic to different Internet lines, making the control center’s Internet access uninterrupted.