Connectivity Oasis in a Desert Motorsports Event

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Just like a good motorsports racer can drive fast and safely wherever the track is, mountains, forest or desert, a good journalist should also be able to report anywhere. To make sure this can happen, portable yet reliable connectivity is indispensable.

This is exactly what motorsports journalist Franco Iannone turned to Peplink’s partner Know IT for – a connectivity solution that allowed him to report the 42nd Dakar Rally from the deserts. Having long been regarded as the most gruelling motorsports competition, this time, the Dakar Rally required its 351 cars and 557 participants to finish 5000 km of stages, of which 75% would be on sand. Therefore, the journalist would have to not only report in the desert, but also stay connected while hundreds of motorsports competitors and their cars also relied on the same cellular networks for telemetry and VoIP.

Simple Solution for a Harsh Environment

It didn’t take long for Know IT to come up with the most suitable yet simple cellular network solution under this special motorsports scenario. The MAX Transit Duo, one of Peplink’s dual cellular routers, in combination with FusionHub, a virtual SpeedFusion appliance from Peplink, could meet all the journalist’s needs at once.

The MAX Transit Duo is a dual-cellular router with two CAT-6 modems and redundant SIM slots. This means that two SIMs can stay active for primary use concurrently, and each of them will have another SIM as a backup. Such design enables the user to have four cellular network providers to rely on and makes possible the following use of Peplink’s technology.

When the MAX Transit Duo router is connected to FusionHub, a SpeedFusion tunnel is formed in-between, in which Peplink’s patented Bandwidth Bonding technology can be implemented. With this cellular bonding technology, the two active connections can be aggregated into one, whose high bandwidth allows for fast transmission of a large amount of data.

Though the setup only involved one Peplink device, Know IT made it even easier for the journalist to utilize the deployment with InControl 2, Peplink’s cloud-based management system. As Know IT remotely managed the device for him via InControl 2, the journalist could focus solely on what was happening on the track.

Peplink as the Portable Connectivity Oasis

Bringing this small but powerful setup along with him, the motorsports journalist could easily enjoy fast and reliable connectivity during his Dakar Rally journey.

The four SIMs from different cellular network providers that had been plugged into the router helped eliminate blind spots and safeguarded the best coverage in the desert. Moreover, the bonded cellular connection enabled files even with the largest amount of data, for instance, live videos, to be shared online without jitter and latency.

Even when you’re not driving on an asphalt track but on sand, Peplink can make the connectivity in your cars always work.


Wireless Router for Ultimate Motorsports Event

MAX Transit Duo

  • MAX Transit Duo LTE-A with 4 SIM cards for unbreakable connectivity.
  • 2 antennas for improved coverage range for cellular connections.
  • Two 5V (2A) micro-USB ports for power; making it completely portable.
  • SpeedFusion’s Bandwidth Bonding and Smoothing for jitter-free live streams.

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