Mongol Rally 2017

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The Adventurists are a group of people from the UK who run a series of interesting adventures. One of their main events is the Mongol Rally. The basic idea of the Mongol rally is to bring an old car, and take it across 10,000 miles from Chichester, England to Ulan Ude, Russia.


For the 2017 Mongol Rally, Team Rainbow Dash asked Peplink partner Slingshot6 for a way to stay online for the entire journey. Slingshot 6’s solution was the Cloudcase: a rugged, weatherproof case with the BR1 that contains integrated antennas and battery. The Cloudcase helped them stay online and served as a safety device that they can take with them to connect to the Internet if needed.

Cloudcase Connectivity Solution for Mongol Rally 2017 #2
Cloudcase Connectivity Solution for Mongol Rally 2017 #3


Using the Cloudcase, Team Rainbow Dash was able to upload photos and videos, as well as find places to stay at night. With consistent Internet connectivity, Team Rainbow Dash also became a communications hub for other rally teams, they were even able to organize a party in Almarty, Kazakhstan. Regular updates gave reassurance to friends and family as the team blazed a trail through exotic countries and treacherous roads in their old Mazda Demio.


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