A racing team located in the Asia Pacific region was looking to upgrade the connectivity setup of their race car, one that could bring speeds like the vehicle itself.


In addition to the speed needed in racing, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to ensure the best and safest performance. The racing team needed a device that supports track routing and could avoid interference for clear communication between the driver and the engineer.

Despite being on a fixed route, there was still a crucial need for full coverage and stable connectivity as the team wanted to constantly transmit the driver’s biometrics while on the track. This would be used to monitor the driver’s concentration levels.

Additionally, to make the race car as light as possible, the air-conditioning system was removed. This means that the race car’s connectivity setup had to be compact to not add any weight and capable of withstanding high temperatures. 

Thus, the company reached out to one of our Asia-Pacific partners to provide them with a connectivity device that can meet all the requirements. 


With the best-suited device in mind, our partner deployed a BR1 Pro 5G to the race car. This classic device goes sonic with the integration of the new generation multi-core CPU, supporting the different application needs of the team without sacrificing performance.

The BR1 Pro 5G’s built-in GPS fleet tracking allowed the team to monitor and record the route of the driver through InControl, Peplink’s one-stop endpoint management system. The connectivity brought by this device also enabled the team to maintain real-time observation of the driver’s biometrics such as his heart rate and eye contact.

Similar to monitoring the driver’s state, the team was able to keep track of the race car’s concurrent condition thanks to the BR1 Pro 5G’s high transmission rate and low latency. The vehicle’s on-board diagnostics and additional information including its temperature and dash cam coverage were transmitted to the team with the quickest speeds.

Furthermore, the BR1 Pro 5G is encased in a rugged industrial grade exterior. With an operating temperature of up to 149°F, the racing team did not have to worry about the device overheating in the race car. No concern was also needed when it came to its weight and size with its low-profile form factor.


With this connectivity setup, the team was able to race confidently. They kept up with the speed of the driver through the information being relayed to them simultaneously.

The GPS fleet tracking and dash cam footage transmitted helped the team identify the best route for the driver. The team also experienced minimal interference in communications with Wi-Fi 6. Both the condition of the driver and race car were kept safe thanks to the connection stability brought by the BR1 Pro 5G. 


MAX BR1 Pro 5G

  • New generation multi-core CPU for the use of simultaneous applications without compromise
  • Built-in GPS fleet tracking to transmit location and route data in real time
  • Low profile form factor and high operating temperature for compact and heated spaces