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Running a marathon is challenging, but doing live broadcasting for it may be even harder. Recording the whole event on the go from different angles without a fixed-line, while maintaining live broadcasts without jitter and latency concurrently – many may think it impossible. Is it?

True, but not with Peplink. 

This time, the organizer of Bangsaen42 Chonburi Marathon, an annual marathon held in Bang Saen, Chonburi Province, Thailand approached Peplink’s Thai partner CYN Communication for help. CYN cleared all the obstacles for them with the SpeedFusion Engine and MAX HD4 cellular bonding router, which are perfectly suitable for live broadcasting sporting events.

Keep Running, Stay Broadcasting

The organizer decided to broadcast the events on a fleet of motorbikes. During the race, two crew members were assigned to each motorbike, one driving and the other filming from the back. Due to the limited space, the setup had to be as portable as possible. 

Thus, CYN Communication deployed a SpeedFusion Engine on each vehicle and a MAX HD4 at the command center near the finish line.

using easy setups to broadcasting a sports event smoothly

To be specific, every motorbike driver only needed to carry a backpack housing a SpeedFusion Engine, an antenna kit, a battery, and a video encoder, which was connected to the camera. Each SpeedFusion Engine could form a SpeedFusion Tunnel with the MAX HD4, enabling the implementation of the SpeedFusion technologies, such as Bandwidth Bonding and WAN Smoothing. These technologies can help avoid jitter and latency.

Once the recording started, the live video data would come into SpeedFusion Engine from the video encoder, and subsequently, go to the HD4 router through SpeedFusion Tunnel. Once the data arrived, the HD4 router would relay the live video to online viewers via their processing server located at the data center. Audiences around the world could then know what was happening along the route from any angle.

Peplink Going for Gold

The SpeedFusion Engine is a portable dual-cellular device. It can easily add cellular bonding capabilities to different setups. Together with the HD4, the multi-cellular router deployed at the command center, they aggregated two cellular WANs into one and ensured reliable connectivity. Bandwidth Bonding, one of Peplink’s patented technologies, made it possible for a large amount of data to be transferred and received in real-time.

In addition to the cellular bonding technology, WAN Smoothing also played an important role. It made sure the streams delivered back to the command center were smooth and jitter-free. This technology was used to duplicate actual packets for filling in connectivity gaps so that it could minimize latency and reduce the impact of packet loss. 

The solution is proof that a successful setup does not always have to be a complicated one. Simple and effective, Peplink’s routers make live broadcasts of sporting events always work.


Peplink's cellular bonding device

SpeedFusion Engine

  • Industry’s Samllest SD-WAN Platform
  • Ultra-Compact SpeedFusion SD-WAN
  • Combine 2 Cellular Connections
  • Plug-n-Play Integration
Peplink's cellular bonding router


  • Quad Embedded Cellular and Redundant SIM Slots
  • Fleet Tracking and Management
  • Terminal Block for Secure Power Supply
  • Certified Toughness

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