Sailing Right Through Connectivity Challenges with Peplink

Maritime | Internet Connectivity

Maintaining reliable connectivity at sea is always a challenge faced by boat owners when sailing. Yet, this is a challenge Peplink is always equipped to face. A boat maintenance company in Northeastern America wanted to provision a sailing yacht with a long range wireless network infrastructure.


The boat maintenance company was working with a large 2-masted sailing yacht. The owners expressed their inconvenience when trying to connect to the internet away from the docks. Another challenge was also ensuring that both cabins and all areas of the yacht had access to a stable connection. And since they would spend most of their time on the yacht away from the harbor, the solution had to be devoid from fixed lines.


After a few discussions and looking through several options, this boating company selected Peplink’s devices for their sailing yacht. To ensure strong long range signals while sailing, they installed an HD1 Dome and a Maritime 40G antenna on the yacht’s masts. The Maritime 40G was connected to the deployed Balance 310X 5G.

The boating company deployed a Balance 310X 5G to the aft cabin, the sleeping quarters located at the rear of the yacht. The Balance 310X 5G enables a 5G/LTE connection, and is linked to an SD Switch 8-Port to supply other devices with power. A VSAT modem was plugged into the Balance 310X’s Ethernet WAN port to act as a backup connection when no cellular towers are within range.

Additionally, a SIM Injector was attached to the Balance 310X 5G for convenient SIM switching. Connected to the SD Switch is the HD1 Dome that was positioned at the yacht’s masts, while an AP One AX was installed in the main cabin. This provided those onboard with Wi-Fi 6 connectivity.


The Peplink deployment secured the sailing yacht with an active connection, 1 LTE connection from the HD1 Dome and a 5G/LTE connection using the Balance 310X 5G. The built-in LTE in the Balance 310X 5G enables seamless failover so that users don’t realize any drop in the primary connection.

Especially with the SIM Injector, not only are there additional SIMs for further carrier connections, but managing them is made easier. The owners are able to add or replace the SIMs themselves when crossing different waters. The boating company was sold on the capability of Peplink devices that they are now looking to invest in other Peplink devices and solutions for other yachts. 


HD1 Dome

  • Deployed to the mizzen mast
  • Minimum cable loss or best signal quality
  • IP67 rated enclosure fitting for the maritime environment

Balance 310X 5G

  • Placed in the rear cabin
  • Enables VSAT and 5G/LTE connectivity in the yacht, with built-in LTE backup
  • Acts as the main entry point and management device


  • Installed in the main cabin
  • Integrated Wi-Fi 6 for greater device capacity and speeds
  • Small and slim form factor for easy installation in the cabin

Maritime 40G

  • Deployed to the masts
  • High gain and efficiency for stronger signals at sea
  • IP68 rated and UV proof enclosure designed for maritime use

SIM Injector

  • Plugged into the Balance 310X 5G
  • Carries additional SIMs for more carrier connections
  • Allows for easy and convenient access to change SIMs

SD Switch 8-Port

  • Connected to the Balance 310X 5G
  • Supplies power to the HD1 Dome and AP One AX
  • Simplifies deployments and enables additional devices