Catamaran and Peplink Maritime Connectivity: Stable and Fast

Catamarans are known for delivering a great experience on the water. Stability and speed are their key features, and that also is what connectivity on board should be like. This was exactly what the owner of a 72-foot catamaran was looking for.


The privately owned 72-foot catamaran is used to roam the Pacific throughout the year. During the summer months, it sails around New Zealand; then from Tahiji to Fiji for the rest of the year.

Originally, the catamaran’s network infrastructure hosted several routers acting as either the main router or access point. Managing this system eventually became very messy. And even with the multiple routers, there was still inconsistent and unstable coverage throughout the catamaran.


Requiring an upgrade, our Kiwi Peplink partner proposed a fully integrated solution. Integral to the network is Peplink’s BR2 Pro with dual 5G modems. Outside the catamaran, 2 Maritime 40G antennas were installed to enhance cellular signal reception. 


To ensure full connectivity, the catamaran was equipped with 2 Starlink antennas and maritime plans. This allows redundancy while close to shoes, and onboard connectivity when the vessel sails away from cellular range. 

To achieve the coverage the previous infrastructure didn’t have, an SD Switch 16-Port Rugged was connected to the BR2 Pro. Then, 3 AP One AXs were installed around the catamaran, all linking back to the switch. 


The outcome of this solution was as expected and required: stable and fast. The owner saw that with a combination of cellular and Starlink connectivity, the upgraded infrastructure enabled full coverage onboard the vessel, no matter where they were sailing.

The deployment itself became conveniently manageable with only one main router at the center of the solution deployed. The catamaran owner and our Peplink partner can monitor the router and all components connected to it using InControl 2. With the success of this Peplink infrastructure, our partner is preparing to install the same solution for the catamaran’s sister vessel. 



  • Deployed as main router for the 72-foot catamaran
  • Dual 5G modems for cellular and 5G connectivity
  • Acts as central point for the connectivity solution
Industrial Grade 16-Port SD Switch for Rugged Environment #2

SD Switch 16-Port Rugged

  • Linked to the BR2 Pro
  • PoE Link to the AP One AXs
  • Enables wired connectivity and PoE


  • Installed throughout the catamaran
  • Extends Wi-Fi coverage across 72 feet
  • Delivers fast Wi-Fi 6

Maritime 40G

  • Fixed aboard the catamaran 
  • High-gain antenna for better cellular and 5G signals
  • Sleek and tall form factor