Top Trends Keeping Superyacht Connectivity Afloat

Superyachts have long been bringing pleasure to their owners and guests, not only because of the view they can reach but also because of the luxury experience they deliver. However, to ensure the quality of trips onboard, unbreakable connectivity and a stable network should always be on standby. Here are the top technology trends that are setting superyachts on a course.

Trend 1: Scaled-up Bandwidth

Obtain on-demand services at sea as quickly as possible.

Staying in one’s own superyacht has become a new norm for staycation among worldwide high-net-worth individuals due to the restrictions and risks of air and land travel. A superyacht can provide enormous enjoyment for all age groups along with privacy and safety when all on-demand services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, can be quickly obtained. A scaled-up bandwidth is, therefore, a must for superyachts.

superyacht bandwidth
superyacht remote monitoring
Trend 2: Remote Monitoring and IT Support

Increase on-board privacy and serenity with remote support.

Not just to reduce the number and cost of crew, but also to increase privacy and serenity, superyacht owners now expect automated key systems and reliable remote IT support at sea. This can bring an even better yachting experience, but it counts on a highly integrated system with remote monitoring.

Trend 3: Enhanced Cybersecurity

Wipe away cyber risks with stronger firewalls and VPNs.

Staying in one’s own superyacht has become a new norm for staycation among worldwide high-net-worth individuals due to the restrictions and Cyber risks at sea can result in a broader extent of safety and security failures. While many have not realized the significance of cybersecurity on board, the International Maritime Organization regulations now require larger superyachts to include cyber risk management into safety management. Simple firewalls and VPNs are not enough.

superyacht firewall
superyacht and 5G
Trend 4: 5G at Sea

Prepare for 5G with readily upgradeable devices.

5G has been powering all kinds of IoT use cases in the past few years. Although it has not yet been prevalent in maritime applications, more and more 5G towers are being built and it is only a matter of time before the 5G network has total coverage. To prepare for this, deployments on superyachts must be readily upgradeable in the near future.

Trend 5: GPS Tracking

Set sail for the wider world with an integrated GPS tracking system.

Continuous growth in the number of explorer yachts, both newly built and converted from superyachts, means more and more yacht owners want to travel to more remote locations. Farther and farther away from the shore, a reliable integrated GPS tracking system becomes even more necessary for a safe journey. 

superyacht GPS

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