River Cruise Internet

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With around 5,046km of river and canals, the Netherlands is a country defined by its waterways. The country’s iconic landscape is one of the most picturesque locations with windmills, tulips and beautiful lights. Due to these factors, relaxing on a river cruise in the Netherlands is one of the most enjoyable experiences.


There is no better way to enjoy the Netherlands than from a 100 meter long river cruise ship. Because of this, the ships are designed to allow you to soak in the scenery from all angles. As the passengers travel down the waterways, there are many memorable moments and sights that they wish to share with loved ones. However, one of the biggest challenges river cruises face is fulfilling their customers needs for reliable internet connectivity. In addition, river cruise ships are often on the move in remote areas which only makes it harder. And no one wants to leave their passengers unable to share those precious moments.

One such river cruise company suffered from poor connectivity due to aging equipment. So they sought out Frontier B.V and Mondicon to provide a solution that ensured unbreakable connection for their passengers.


Frontier B.V and Mondicon teamed up to analyze the situation at hand and to come up with a solution. They began deployment by setting up a FusionHub at one of their land-based data centers. This would then allow them to establish SpeedFusion connections between cloud servers and Peplink devices.

Meanwhile, they placed one MAX HD4s on the vessel, one at each end of the ship. They then placed a Balance 380 between the MAX HD4s to perform load balancing. Inside each MAX HD4 is four SIM cards from different providers to maintain reliable internet connectivity. This was done so that they always had multiple providers to choose from in case one connection was to go down. This setup allows them to use SpeedFusion’s Hot Failover to further secure internet connection and ensure that no interruptions is felt by users.


Following this deployment, the river cruise company experienced 99.8% uptime on LTE networks with little to no VSAT traffic. In addition, Peplink products have proven to be user friendly and cost effective. Engineers have also praised the ease and flexibility Peplink products provided in comparison to many competitors. As a result of this deployment, river cruises has experienced a rise in customer satisfaction and revenue.


Balance 380
  • Deployed on vessel for load balancing.
  • Centralized cloud management simplifies network setup, configuration and maintenance.
  • 2 per vessel for unbreakable connectivity.
  • Quad cellular modems and redundant sim slots.
  • Certified toughness and terminal block to secure power supply for river cruise conditions.
  • Cloud hosted on land-based data center.
  • Creates a stable high speed SD-WAN connection that allows data to be transferred securely and swiftly.