Telemetry Transmission Going Full Speed on the Connectivity Track

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Ever since everything started going IoT, sensors have been widely used in the motorsports industry for telemetry, which helps to manage race cars and improve racers’ performance. To make this really work, fast and reliable connectivity is always indispensable. 

In view of this, an Asian-Pacific auto racing team reached out to one of Peplink’s partners in the region for a telemetry solution. The auto racing team hoped to upgrade their connectivity with a setup as simple as possible, which could enable real-time telemetry and communication via VoIP. 

Boosting All the IoT

Devices on the Track

Sensors were spread out all over the team’s race cars to collect data of both vehicles and racers, such as the temperature of tires, the route of the car, and the racer’s eye movements. After receiving this telemetry data, the team could decide whether the race car should be brought into a pit and when the car should turn, and know the racer’s concentration levels. Ideal but challenging, both the transmission of telemetry data and communication via VoIP were supposed to be done in real-time. In other words, they could only be done with seamless and high-speed connectivity. 

Peplink's connectivity solution for motorsports

What’s more, the auto racing team had removed air-conditioning systems to make the race cars as light as possible. Thus, the connectivity setup would have to be compact and capable of withstanding high temperatures at the same time.

A Wireless Router that

Brings Speed Like the Vehicle Itself

With the best telemetry solution already in mind, the partner deployed a BR1 Pro 5G to each of the team’s race cars. The BR1 Pro 5G is a compact wireless router with an operating temperature of up to 149°F (65°C), which is perfect for bringing connectivity onboard in an auto racing match.

The wireless router not only powered up the IoT devices on the race car with 5G connectivity but also avoided downtimes with its redundant SIM slot and capability of Hot Failover. Thanks to this fast and rugged connectivity, data collected by the sensors can be sent to the control room nonstop, and the team can maintain real-time communication with the racer via VoIP.

Peplink's Wireless Router in a Race Car

Moreover, the built-in GPS fleet tracking of this wireless router helped the team to keep track of the race car through InControl, Peplink’s cloud-based endpoint management system. With InControl, the team can easily monitor and record the route of the vehicle on the track. This is of great use in the motorsports industry, as even how or when the vehicle turns makes a huge difference.

The telemetry solution has proved to be a perfect choice for those in the motorsports industry, able to power all the IoT devices on the race cars with a compact wireless router. Even when it is on the track, Peplink makes it always work.


MAX BR1 Pro 5G

  • New generation multi-core CPU for the use of simultaneous applications without compromise
  • Built-in GPS fleet tracking to transmit location and route data in real time
  • Low profile form factor and high operating temperature for compact and heated spaces

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