Peplink Makes River Cruises Even More Soothing

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When the Problem Rises to the Surface

Ever since the internet became an indispensable part of our lives, customers expect to get a smooth and uninterrupted connection regardless of where they are. To provide a finer river cruise experience, plenty of companies have been considering upgrading their onboard internet deployment to a more agile and cost-effective setup.

If you share the same concern, Peplink has got you covered.

A river cruise company in the Netherlands suffered from poor connectivity due to aging equipment. They decided to reach out to Frontier B.V, a trusted partner of Peplink, and Mondicon, looking for a solution that ensured a reliable connection. The two companies then teamed up to analyze the situation at hand and came up with the perfect solution.

Bringing Peplink on Board

When onboard internet is provided through satellite, which is very common, it can never be as quick and reliable as the on-land connection. Besides, the cost of satellite internet at sea or on the river can be unreasonably high, so the ideal solution for river cruises is to combine satellite connection with 4G/LTE network.

Frontier B.V, and Mondicon began the deployment by setting up a FusionHub at one of their land-based data centers. This is how they could establish SpeedFusion connections between cloud servers and Peplink routers.

Meanwhile, they placed two MAX HD4 routers on the vessel, one at each end of the ship and a Balance 380 in between to perform load balancing. There were four SIM cards from different providers inside each MAX HD4 to maintain reliable internet connectivity. If one connection was to go down, they could always have multiple providers to back them up. On top of that, they utilized SpeedFusion’s Hot Failover technology to ensure customers wouldn’t notice anything when one line is not working.

river cruise internet diagram

In addition, two antennas were installed effortlessly at both ends of the ship and connected to the routers. These waterproof antennas can capture internet signals even when the river cruise is far from the port.

Keep Calm and Cruise On

With this hassle-free and cost-efficient deployment, the river cruise company experienced 99.8% uptime on LTE networks with nearly zero VSAT satellite traffic. More importantly, there was a significant increase in the customer satisfaction rate and revenue of the company. Their engineers also applauded the ease and flexibility of Peplink products.

Even so, Peplink’s achievement in maritime connectivity doesn’t stop here. No matter the size of your ship, yacht, or vessel, as long as you need reliable onboard internet, Peplink always makes it work.

Check out the video below to learn more about this case, or visit our Case Study page if you are interested in our other success stories! 


Balance 380

  • 3 WAN connections 
  • 1 Gbps Throughput Combined
  • 100 VPN Peers
  • Rock-solid performance for business environment
Peplink's cellular bonding router


  • Quad Embedded Cellular and Redundant SIM Slots
  • Fleet Tracking and Management
  • Terminal Block for Secure Power Supply
  • Certified Toughness