In today’s fast-paced business landscape, a reliable and high-performance wired or wireless network is critical to maintaining seamless communications, increasing productivity, and ensuring secure data transmission. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, the need for a robust network solution that enables effective VoIP calls or other business operational devices cannot be overstated.

Fortunately, Peplink’s solution goes beyond traditional networking approaches, offering a comprehensive suite of technologies designed to provide businesses with a complete and seamless networking experience. Whether your business uses wired or wireless connections, Peplink has a networking solution that works for you.

Elevating Diverse Industries Through Peplink’s Solutions

Peplink’s dedication to innovation and adaptability is evident in its networking solutions, which are designed to meet the distinctive needs of various industries. With a range of products including wired and wireless routers, as well as breakthrough technologies like SpeedFusion, Peplink enables businesses to effectively transform their communications strategies and operational efficiencies.

Financial Industry

A financial services company in Asia was in need of fast, secure, reliable, and scalable connectivity for its enterprise-level infrastructure. To ensure uninterrupted access to critical financial services and maintain business continuity, the Balance 310X was deployed for its high throughput and load balancing capabilities. By combining existing cable connections with cellular connections, an unbreakable connectivity is created. Moreover, this combination of multiple connections enables jitter-free calls and high-speed transfers for the company’s business development.

Retail Industry

In a strategic collaboration, a major retail conglomerate partnered with Peplink to revamp its current infrastructure across the Asia Pacific region. They deployed the Balance 20X to enhance branch connectivity, with integrated LTE serving as a reliable cellular backup. Additionally, by utilizing SpeedFusion Traffic Steering, they can implement quality of service rules to prioritize POS and real-time transaction data over other types of network traffic, ensuring reliable connectivity without delays.

They also integrated 2x AP One AX Lites at each site. These dual-band Wi-Fi 6 access points can effectively extend business connectivity and enable seamless, high-quality Wi-Fi in various locations to enhance the customer wireless network experience.

Stay Up to Date to Supercharge Your Enterprise Network Experience

Peplink is also committed to staying current with evolving needs to ensure its solutions are always aligned with industry requirements. A recent advancement in response to enterprise users is reflected in the following firmware updates. One of the new updates is for enterprise users who prefer to have business meetings via FaceTime or Google Meet. SpeedFusion Connect Protect, a Peplink infrastructure that provides access to the global network of SpeedFusion endpoints and technology without the need for additional hardware, now supports these applications in firmware 8.4.0. It’s worth noting that Zoom and Microsoft Teams were already supported prior to this update.

Featured Products

Peplink Balance Series

  • Advanced enterprise features for organizations of different sizes
  • Enable SpeedFusion technologies to enhance network
  • Equipped with a wide range of load balancing algorithms

AX One AX Lite

  • Wireless Access Point suitable for enterprise Wi-Fi solution
  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 for higher transmission
  • Enables Wi-Fi mesh for extended range