Robotics & Teleoperations

Enabling Reliable Connectivity

From semi or even fully autonomous smart warehouse operations to delivery robots and patrol robots, everything depends on connectivity. Peplink’s versatile devices plus unmatchable technology means no critical moment is ever lost.

What are the biggest challenges?

Limited Connectivity

Cellular connectivity was a must, but it had to be flexible enough to support multiple carriers.


System builders often have a hard time selecting appropriate hardware that can integrate into tight spaces with weight limitations.

Certified Ruggedness

Industrial and robotic equipment are often exposed to some of the most extreme forms of vibration and weather conditions.


With 24/7 data transmission comes the need for 24/7 control. Network Admins need to be able to access the network at anytime and monitor the statuses in order to run effectively.

SIM Management

The ability to manage SIMs remotely, or via an eSIM would give ultimate flexibility in carrier choices.

The Big Picture

Featured Products

Transit Pro
  • Dual cellular router
  • SpeedFusion Failover on-the-go for redundancy
  • Multiple DC power inputs suitable for many applications
Balance 2500 EC
  • Installed in high availability mode for redundancy
  • Deployed in the headquarters
  • High capacity to support large number of users
Cellular Bonding Solution & Hardware (2)

SpeedFusion™ Bandwidth Bonding

Turns Your Multiple Connections Into a Single Bonded Connection

With MAX cellular routers, you can stream video and quickly transfer large files in remote areas with poor connectivity. SpeedFusion technology makes this possible by bonding the bandwidth of multiple cellular services. In addition to 3G/4G LTE connections, you can also add VSAT and land lines into your SpeedFusion tunnel.