Multimarine Shipyard utilises Peplink’s indoor and outdoor Multi-WAN Solutions

Maritime | Connectivity

Multimarine Shipyards specializes in mechanical and marine engineering and owns the Ereneos dry dock located in Limassol Port, Cyprus. Its areas of operation include marine support services, inspection, repairs, maintenance, construction, welding services, and fabrication.

The company has a lot of international clients and aims to provide top performance and value in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. The modus operandi of Multimarine Shipyards is a dry dock vessel that can be flooded to allow ships onboard and then drained to allow ships to be repaired on a dry platform.


Multimarine Shipyards operates from the last dock of the harbor. Due to this, there is no cabling from any Internet service provider at this location, resulting in poor Internet connectivity. Internet unreliability instigates many problems in serving clients since ships and yachts serviced at the dry dock require Internet access.

The solution before IBSCY Ltd installed Peplink devices was point-to-point antennas. Worse yet, the antennas were more than 500 meters apart with various physical obstacles between them. In addition, there were still many connectivity problems due to weather conditions, mostly with the “line-of-sight” between the antennas. As a result, the company was seeking a solution which would enable unbreakable and reliable Internet connectivity.


Taking Multimarine Shipyards’s challenges in mind, IBSCY proposed using Peplink’s devices and technology. This is because Peplink has products specially designed to address these problems. IBSCY’s solution included the deployment of a Balance 310X serving as the entry point and management of the network.
This is because the Balance 310X offers the functionality of several WANs with ethernet, cellular, and Wi-Fi. Most importantly, Peplink’s unique Hot Failover feature enables automatic switching between connections when one fails.

In addition, six other devices ensured Internet connection across the whole vessel and the nearby promenade. Three AP One AC Minis were deployed indoors: the staff cabin, the conference room, and the control room. Another three AP Pro ACs were deployed along the outside of the vessel and the captain’s office to ensure complete coverage.


Following the deployment, Multimarine Shipyards is able to focus on providing its best service to clients without having to worry about connection problems. This was due to IBSCY using Peplink hardware, and their partnership with Peplink and FrontierBV. Above all, poor weather conditions and other physical obstacles no longer posed a threat to Multimarine Shipyards’s performance and efficiency. As a result, they were able to ensure a continuous and reliable Internet connection throughout Multimarine Shipyards’s entire area of operation.


Balance 310X
  • Serves as the entry point and management of the network
  • Offers WANs functionality
  • Switches between connections automatically if one of them fails
  • Implement outdoors to ensure connectivity everywhere
AP One AC Mini
  • Implement indoors