New Zealand is a summer paradise for all boat owners wandering the Pacific, and summer getaways are often long sought during cold and wet winters. During those weathered times, many vessels undergo upgrades to be ready for the summer season, with one of the most important and essential being onboard connectivity. This is what a 24-meter motor yacht owner reached out for.


Any vessel needs a reliable and secure network for optimal functionality and safe travels, whether it be for pleasure or business, entertainment or navigation.

This 72-foot sports motor yacht’s current network relied on what they realized was “outdated and inefficient”. Poor onboard experience, non user-friendly interfaces, and devices not operating optimally led the owner to take action and upgrade the vessel’s network to a bespoke solution, finally obtaining a stable and secure connection.


Our Peplink partner operating in New Zealand tailored a package that satisfied all the owner’s requirements. At the heart of the solution, they deployed a Balance 20X, bonding one cellular together with a Starlink Maritime for a more reliable connection.

A 16-Port Rugged Switch was also required for wired devices, including an AP One AX that was installed in a central optimal location to provide better Wi-Fi coverage on board the motor yacht.


The owner’s expectations were exceeded with a significant boost in the motor yacht’s network. The new infrastructure allowed guests to take advantage of the fast Wi-Fi internet connection for entertainment, while enabling the crew to crucial communications and navigation.

Additionally, the Kiwi partner has made their locally hosted FusionHubs available whenever the motor yacht may want to establish a SpeedFusion tunnel. This has been requested by many clients that don’t want to compromise their time on board and want to watch local New Zealand content while sailing in other countries such as Fiji, Tonga and New Caledonia.


Balance 20X

  • Deployed to the sports motor yacht
  • Enables cellular connectivity and is connected to Starlink
  • Small form factor to easily tuck away on the vessel
Industrial Grade 16-Port SD Switch for Rugged Environment #2

SD Switch 16-Port Rugged

  • Connects the AP One AX to the Balance 20X
  • Bridges connectivity between other wired devices on the vessel 
  • 16 ports made available for a variety of connections


  • Added to the interior of the vessel 
  • Connected to the SD Switch and Balance 20X
  • Provides Wi-Fi access on board