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Ferrari Group, a leader in secure transport and logistics management, needed a way to securely and reliably track their fleet of over a hundred armored vehicles. Because these vehicles routinely carry high value items and precious cargo, they would ideally be fitted with surveillance cameras, cellular data, and GPS.

Such a solution is a tall order, especially considering the size of Ferrari Group’s operation, but Trium Security Consulting stepped up and delivered a valuables-in-transit solution that met these objectives and more.

Solid data connection and GPS in a single device were exactly what we needed to develop our ideas for mobile video surveillance.”

Ferrari Group Mobile Surveillance and Transport System #2

Challenges & Guardian Eagle Project

Transporting precious cargo and other valuables is a tricky business, one that keeps the team at Ferrari Group always looking over their shoulders, assessing and countering an array of threats. To ensure safe passage of the items it transports, Ferrari Group needs to watch them like a hawk, in real time, and stay constantly connected to transport vehicles via cellular connections and GPS. The cargo and its personnel must be protected at all costs and must reach customers safely. Project Guardian Eagle from Trium Security promised to do all that and much more.


The requirements that Ferrari Group put forth are strict and not easily met. Peplink devices, however, suit them perfectly, making for a uniquely secure and flexible solution.

Ferrari Group Mobile Surveillance and Transport System #3

1. 100+ vans are each equipped with two 3G SIM cards, multiple surveillance cameras and GPS.

2a. MAX BR1 establishes a SpeedFusion VPN connection with headquarters, capable of failing over to the embedded redundant SIM.

2b. MAX HD2 bonds two 3G connections using SpeedFusion for maximum bandwidth and reliability.

3. Headquarters receives streamed videos and images while InControl 2 enables monitoring of the fleet’s location and route in real time.

Ferrari Group Mobile Surveillance and Transport System #7

The security control room was fitted with a pair of Balance 580s configured for high availability. The fleet of armored vans was then equipped with either a Pepwave MAX HD2 or MAX BR1, depending on vehicle type and interior space. All devices are connected via SpeedFusion Unbreakable VPN and managed remotely via InControl 2. Bonded 3G connections provide ample bandwidth for high definition media transfer. The Guardian Eagle solution captures 3 Megapixel (2,048 x 1,536 pixels) videos and still images. They are saved in local storage, ready to be transmitted and streamed when the vehicles become involved in a security incident.

Ferrari Group Mobile Surveillance and Transport System #4

The MAX BR1 and MAX HD2 were designed with vehicular deployments in mind. Their dual power input, terminal block connector and DC connector ensures highly available power supply for situations where uptime is critical. Guardian Eagle takes advantage of this and sources power from both the vehicle’s battery as well as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). The entire solution will keep working for hours following vehicular power loss.

For the realization of the Guardian Eagle we decided to use Peplink for the reliability, quality and mobile nature of their devices. Broadband data connections, geolocation and InControl 2 ensure efficient management of the entire fleet of vehicles. The quality of the devices used together with the experience of our technicians, means that Trium overcame every obstacle.”

Paolo Bonato, Trium SRL
Ferrari Group Mobile Surveillance and Transport System #6


With the Guardian Eagle solution in place, all vehicles can be constantly monitored by security control. The team can check vehicle position in real time. They can also monitor both interior and exterior conditions using high-definition video transmitted over an ultra-reliable connection backed by redundant cellular connections from multiple providers. And though security and control is advanced, power draw is minimized, allowing the vehicles to maintain contact with security control for hours after ignition shutdown, an important consideration in case of breakdowns and other mishaps.


Ferrari Group Mobile Surveillance and Transport System #8

Cellular Bonding

Combine the bandwidth of multiple cellular providers

Ferrari Group. Peplink InControl 2. Cloud Based SD-WAN Network Management.

InControl 2

Using InControl, you can save configuration time, minimize truck rolls, stay on top of the status of your network, and proactively resolve any emerging problems with speed and precision.