Code Blue Corporation Utilizes Peplink’s SpeedFusion to Create High Availability Emergency Kiosks for NY Metro

23 September 2021 Code Blue Corporation, a global leader in the design and manufacture of public emergency communications systems, has commenced deliveries of more than 120 Help Points® to New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) for use in stations along the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR). These Help Points will provide passengers, including passengers with disabilities, with 24/7 access to emergency services around station platforms and public areas.

Behind each of these highly visible Help Points, Code Blue’s emergency communication system utilizes a high-availability communications network based on technology developed by Peplink. Each Help Point incorporates a Peplink MAX BR1 Mini cellular router connected to Peplink Balance routers acting as SpeedFusion Hubs. SpeedFusion technology provides session-persistent failover, creating the virtually unbreakable connection required for a reliable emergency response.

Designed and implemented with consultative support from experts at Access Wireless Data Solutions and US-based Peplink distributor Frontier Computer Corp., Code Blue’s emergency communication system is available to organizations across industries in both managed and private implementations.

Seeing Code Blue’s belief in Peplink devices, and their decision to use them exclusively for their lifesaving emergency kiosks, is very gratifying,” said Jon Grote of US-based Peplink distributor Frontier Computer Corp., who consulted on the project.

Peplink’s BR1 Mini met our needs at the right price point,” said Code Blue’s Michael VanBuren. “Peplink lets us deploy Help Points anywhere in the world. We can do video, audio, and diagnostics and testing on these Help Points. We can deliver diagnostics back to the customers or to ourselves at Amazon Web Services. Plus, Peplink’s cloud-based device management platform InControl 2 allows us to visualize the whole network from a single location.

Speaking about the partnership, Len Luttinger of Access Wireless Data Solutions said, “Code Blue’s solutions are changing the game of  leading-edge remote communication solutions. Code Blue, Access Wireless, and Peplink all worked together successfully to create it.

About Code Blue Corporation: As a pioneer in emergency communications, Code Blue Corporation always places safety as their no. 1 priority. They take this responsibility seriously in order to deliver a secure environment and peace of mind. Committed to their craft, their mission is to protect people, not just assets, in a way that is reliable and accessible. Learn more about Code Blue Corporation.

About Peplink: Peplink makes connectivity reliable. Peplink’s ecosystem, SpeedFusion technology and SD-WAN routers have been deployed around the world, helping thousands of customers from many industries increase bandwidth, enhance Internet reliability, reduce connectivity cost, or enable new deployment possibilities. Learn more about Peplink.

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