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Hickory Farms has been a dedicated purveyor of fine foods such as specialty meats, cheeses and assorted delicacies across America since 1951. This shopper-focused company seasonally operates kiosks throughout the US and Canada during peak holiday selling months and as such, requires a rapidly deployable and easy to setup network system.

“Peplink’s InControl suite allowed us to be more pro-active in managing kiosk connectivity than ever before. By being able to contact a store to improve device or antenna placement before the store even knew there was a potential issue, we were able to provide our shoppers with the best checkout experience possible.”

Darrell Woolaver. Manager of Retail Applications, Hickory Farms.
Easy Branch Provisioning for Hickory Farms #2


In some cases these retail environments are rapidly deployed and temporary – set up for a seasonal promotion for example, and then removed until the following year. In all cases however reliable Internet connectivity is normally required to provide Internet connectivity for credit card processing machines as well as corporate based Internet access to corporate resources by staff. Additionally, depending on the type of kiosk – providing public wifi is also desirable.

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Hickory Farms selected the Pepwave MAX BR1 LTE for its unique feature set. The MAX BR1 has redundant SIM slots – this enables Hickory Farms to use SIM cards from two different network carriers for WAN diversity. If one network carrier is unavailable, the MAX BR1 will failover to the second network carrier automatically, with connectivity remaining unaffected. The MAX BR1 is also capable of providing VLAN so the store stays connected via Wi-Fi and sales transactions from POS (point of sales) terminals can be carried through the router securely on a different segment. Measuring a compact 1.6 x 5.8 x 5.0 inches, the unit takes up minimal space and has proven to be a breeze to setup. With InControl 2’s cloud configuration backup and restore feature, getting store kiosks setup require minimal store intervention.

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With Peplink’s InControl2 Cloud Based Device Management platform, Hickory Farms gained great visibility into kiosk uptime and network health.

Peplink’s solution has been deployed across all of Hickory Farm’s corporate stores in North America.


Cloud Based SD-WAN Network Management Solution InControl 2

InControl 2

Save configuration time, minimize truck rolls, stay on top of the status of your network, and proactively resolve any emerging problems with speed and precision.

Automatic Failover 4G LTE Mobile Router MAX BR1 Classic

MAX BR1 Classic

Industrial – Grade 4G LTE/3G Router