Learn About the New Features of Firmware 8.1.0

Firmware 8.1 empowers your Peplink device to do more. It enables Drop-In Mode for all devices, and includes requested features such as time server functionality. It also strengthens Wi-Fi security on both the personal and enterprise level. Finally, it includes more detailed reports, enabling you to monitor and troubleshoot with greater effectiveness.

SpeedFusion Cloud

Firmware 8.1 enables the SpeedFusion Cloud. Achieve unbreakable connectivity from anywhere in the world using just a single Peplink device.

Upgraded Capabilities

Bandwidth Bonding

The MediaFast 500 and 700 now have SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding enabled by default, providing them with the ability to deliver unbreakable connectivity straight out of the box.

Unbreakable Time Server

Peplink routers can now serve as a local NTP server, providing connected devices with the accurate time upon start-up. Routers can get the accurate UTC from either an external NTP server or via GPS, ensuring that connected devices always receive the correct time.

Drop-In Mode

Drop-In Mode is now supported by all routers. Place the router into any network environment and add new WANs without altering the configuration of other devices.

Stronger Wireless Security

WPA3 Support

WPA3 increases your network security with additional encryption protocols and support for perfect forward secrecy. Now available on all Wi-Fi capable Peplink routers.

802.11w Support for Wi-Fi WAN

The 802.11w wireless protocol builds additional security on top of previous technologies, protecting the confidentiality of management frames as well as the data itself.

More Virtualization Options

Run KVM to Virtualize Linux Environments
and More

Some MediaFast models now support KVM, allowing them to host a greater range of virtual machines including ones based on Linux.

Deeper Traffic Insights

Upgraded DPI Report on InControl

The InControl DPI report now shows deeper information by breaking down categories (e.g. File Sharing) into sub-categories (e.g. iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive). The report also shows DPI history.

Use Netflow to Gain Traffic Insights

Your Peplink router can now export Netflow information, which you can use to generate reports from a NetFlow analyzer of your choice.

More Insight into SpeedFusion Traffic

Realtime SpeedFusion graphs display important events affecting packet flow. Each WAN-to-WAN connection has its own graph for quick and easy troubleshooting.