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Build a secure, flexible and easily accessible network in your organization today, so your employees can seamlessly adapt to a world that’s constantly redefining.


Many companies will require VPN connectivity to work from home, whether it’s for handling sensitive data or to connect back to the company’s network to access shared resources. Generally setting up a VPN to work from home requires considerable IT time and attention, as well as being expensive to set up and maintain. 

Relying on a single connection at home is not feasible. When you require smooth and jitter-free VoIP and video conferencing, ideally two or more connections are required. 

What are your remote working challenges?

Secure connectivity – Companies are requiring secure VPN connections to access resources around the clock.

Remote locations – Relying on your fixed home ethernet connection for all tasks is not realistic. What if it goes down?

Inconsistent connection – Experiencing packet-loss during video calls, leading to jitter and missed sentences.


Peplink and their partners all over the world have the solution to your business connectivity needs, ensuring that employees can work at home trouble free, accessing resources as if they were in the office. By connecting a Peplink device to Peplink’s SpeedFusion Cloud, this creates an unbreakable SpeedFusion tunnel utilizing all Peplink’s technology such as Bandwidth Bonding to combine multiple connections and WAN Smoothing to ensure your VoIP and video conferences are smooth and jitter-free. 

A robust network structure that supports remote worker’s productivity is crucial during times like this, that’s why implementing a Peplink site-to-site VPN infrastructure will yield the best benefits.
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By implementing a multi-WAN Peplink setup, companies can utilize a full secure VPN tunnel for remote workers to connect back to the HQ. This utilizes Peplink’s patented SpeedFusion technology such as Bandwidth Bonding to combine the bandwidths of multiple links. 

SpeedFusion technologies such as Hot Failover will allow a session to begin on one internet source, such as the home ethernet connection, and failover to another, maybe a company provided cellular plan, seamlessly. This means calls, video conferencing and webinars can all go on as planned even if a primary WAN source is lost. 

Featured Products

Advanced – Balance 310X

Applications: Heavy video conference usage, webinar hosting, instant data transfer with HQ.

Use Case: High bandwidth and speed requirements

  • Utilize multi-WAN options (cellular + home ethernet) offering up to 2.5Gbps throughput.
  • A faster CAT-18 modem is offered.
  • Patented SpeedFusion technology combines multiple connections for jitter-free calls and high-speed transfers.
  • 5G upgradable.

Our top pickMAX Transit Duo

Applications: Live video conferencing, company resource access, VoIP

Use Case: Cellular as backup or in combination. Connect external devices via Wi-Fi

  • Dual cellular modem accepting multi-WAN inputs utilizing both LTE cellular and the employee’s home ethernet.
  • 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi to provide stable connectivity to external devices. 
  • PrimeCare option available, providing SpeedFusion Cloud and WAN Smoothing etc.

Budget UBR LTE

Applications: Live video conferencing, VoIP

Use Case: Reliability is a priority over speed.

  • A more budget friendly dual cellular router featuring redundant SIM slots.
  • Multiple WAN inputs utilizing both LTE cellular and the employee’s home ethernet.
  • PrimeCare option available providing technologies such as InControl 2 and SpeedFusion Cloud.

Most popularMAX BR1 Mini

Applications: Streaming videos, VoIP, access company resources

Use Case: Reliable connectivity with Wi-Fi functionalities

  • The original and best single LTE modem device. 
  • A second LTE connection is mainly used to create reliability. 
  • Wi-Fi capabilities by default