As challenges continue to be faced for global macrotrends, this multinational conglomerate corporation reached out to find the best solution from the best in the industry.


With multiple commercial sites located across the globe, and some within very rural areas, this company experienced very long deployment times using their primary MPLS connection. This connection was used to keep multiple alarm systems online 24/7 whilst providing remote access from their monitoring center HQ especially in the case of an emergency.

Currently, they are using OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) protocol and IPSec VPN to maintain the routing path and to set different costs. This creates a lot of reliance on the one MPLS internet connection. With no redundancy and the lack of direct monitoring ability to access the remote site’s alarm system has led them to look into a viable upgrade.


Peplink improved their current setup by introducing BR1 Pro 5G that can utilize the existing MPLS, alongside an addition 5G cellular connection for higher bandwidth and zero downtime failover VPN at the commercial sites.

The HQ was deployed with two Balance SDX Pro in high availability mode, each linked to a 24-port enterprise SD-Switch and then to the core network. By connecting the commercial sites and HQ together, a SpeedFusion tunnel could be formed. This allows various SpeedFusion technology to be utilized over MPLS or IPSec VPN.

With InControl2 and SpeedFusion Connect support, the shift engineers can access any remote site’s internal system to view and manage the CCTV, alarm, or other devices behind the Peplink device, all without redundant specialist infrastructure for OOBM.


The result is a versatile and rapidly deployable solution that just works. The whole Peplink ecosystem fluently integrated into their current setup, providing utmost transparency on what is possible.

They are now able to configure over 500 devices remotely with InControl2, Peplink’s cloud-based management platform. They could monitor the complete network setup, WAN statuses, any bottlenecks etc from any browser, any location. This further minimized the man hours and truck rolls needed to physically configure and/or troubleshoot.

It just goes to show that Peplink’s hybrid solutions always work in providing network resiliency whilst upgrading the network to what may be thought of as impossible.


BR1 Pro 5G

  • Embedded 5G ready device
  • Multi-Core processor for gigabit speeds
  • Certified industrial grade for all commercial sites
sdx-pro for mammography case study


  • Deployed at the HQ in HA mode for zero interruptions
  • Interchangeable modules enabling flexibility for future demands
  • Support up to 800 SpeedFusion peers

SD Switch 24-Port Enterprise

  • Deployed alongside the SDX Pro to keep everything interconnected
  • PoE+ ports to provide power and connectivity to devices in a single cable
  • Redundant PSUs keep the power running even when a power source fails