Mobile Command Center for Protection & Rescue Zurich Locks In Secure Connectivity

Protection & Rescue unites Medical Service, Fire Service, Civil Defense, Fire Prevention Police, and Operational Control Center under one roof. It is the biggest civil rescue organization in Switzerland and part of the Security Department of the City of Zurich. In cooperation with the IT Department, it has its own specialist IT and IT systems.

In May 2022, Protection & Rescue Zurich adopted one of the most advanced state of the art mobile command centers into their operations. In place of a regular operation center during disaster situations, this command center can take over operation tasks onsite.


Today, fire & rescue organizations are facing progressively complex disaster and emergency situations which have to be professionally dealt with, especially with more people and tools getting involved.

Communication, distribution of information, and quick allocation of tasks according to changing situations are keys for success. One of their biggest challenges is to assure that the communication to and from all the involved systems is guaranteed at any time.


To secure the connectivity and communications required, Peplink devices are deployed to the mobile command center. At the server room, dual SDX Pros are installed in high availability mode on the rack. Each SDX Pro is equipped with dual 8x GE PoE+ WAN/LAN FlexModules. The FlexModules are used to power up the 5 HD1 Domes attached to the roof of the mobile command center.

Each Dome provides a connectivity channel to the SDX Pro. The HD1 Dome comes with a cellular radio and antennas within one enclosure to minimize cable loss. The Dome provides a scalable option, adding more units when additional connectivity channels are needed. Additionally, dual Balance 310 5G routers were deployed to the mobile command center.

This system is integrated into the Emergency Network, has multi-SIM connectivity from different mobile operators, is equipped with Starlink and satellite internet, and can be connected to fiber or copper to distribute the information within the emergency organization.


The Peplink devices are incorporated into the vehicle to be part of 144 network connections keeping the operational systems up and running. Thanks to the SDX Pro in high availability mode, the Peplink-incorporated network remains online even if a single Dome or SDX Pro fails.

The mobile command center has already been used since mid-2022 for several emergency situations. In one chemical accident at a vegetable production hall, the mobile command center facilitated communications for ambulances and emergency personnel. Similarly, the team used this vehicle to collaborate with the fire brigade and the drone team during a fire.

Grab a 360° look at this advanced mobile command center and check out their server room here.



  • Installed in the command vehicle’s server room in high availability mode
  • Equipped with PoE FlexModules to power up HD1 Domes
  • Futureproof design to cater to different modules

HD1 Dome

  • Deployed to the command vehicle’s roof
  • Provides cellular connectivity to the SDX Pro and network
  • IP67 rated enclosure to withstand different weather conditions

Balance 310 5G

  • Incorporated into the network solution
  • Delivers 5G connectivity for the mobile command center
  • Traffic steering to avoid ata wastage and traffic