A group of medical clinics in Europe was working with a large amount of identification data across around a hundred sites. While looking to build a secure network to cater to all clinics, they partnered with an MSP.


The group of clinics required a large network to cater to their daily activities such as data transmission and verification. They needed a scalable solution that can be easily integrated into existing racks, while also convenient to control even off-site.

They also needed a secure network for ongoing transfers of confidential traffic. On top of this, they set a tight budget and a time frame for the deployment as around a hundred devices need to be purchased and installed.


Turning to the MSP, who has been a long time partner of Peplink, they devised a setup comprising a hundred Balance 20Xs and two Balance 1350s. They deployed the dual Balance 1350 routers in high availability mode at the MSP’s data center.

At each clinic, the MSP set up a Balance 20X with an LTE connection as backup to the wired WAN. Additionally, the FlexModule Mini slot also opened the possibility for the clinic to use other kinds of WAN if needed. For security, both the Balance 1350 and Balance 20X enabled different VPN functionalities on top of SpeedFusion VPN such as IPsec VPN, L2TP VPN, and more.


Thanks to InControl 2, Peplink’s cloud-based management platform, the MSP was able to easily configure this large-scale deployment within the small time span provided. This platform also made off-site management an option for the MSP and clinic.

Furthermore, the price point of the Balance 20X proved to be an affordable and cost-effective solution with the futureproof design. The clinics were worryfree when it came to scaling up and integrating more Balance 20X into the network.


Balance 1350

  • Installed at the MSP’s data center in high availability mode
  • Enables SpeedFusion technologies for clinics to use
  • Offers different VPN functionalities for security

Balance 20X

  • Deployed to each clinic for on-site connectivity
  • Offers WAN versatility and LTE for backup
  • Affordable and cost-effective solution for the clinic