Peplink w/ One Talk

Why settle for convenient when you can upgrade to unbreakable

Verizon brings business VoIP to the next level

Verizon One Talk is a powerful, dynamic multi-line telephone system with tons of unique features that benefits all kinds of businesses

Peplink takes it one step further

With SpeedFusion, VoIP is always reliable and crystal clear.





Calls Never Drop

With SpeedFusion, you’ll be able to use wirelines and LTE/5G connections to ensure your One Talk call has a connection to fall back on.

If there are ever connection failures, the ongoing call will be redirected and sent through other healthy connections, making sure your call stays up no matter what.

Other failover solutions break calls when connections drop. With Peplink, you won’t even notice there was ever a problem.

Keep your One Talk calls jitter-free

With Smoothing, your call will be sent through multiple connections simultaneously. If any one connection fails, the other healthy connections will fill in the gaps and make sure your call stays smooth.

Calls stay crystal clear and uninterrupted.

It’s a Lot Easier Than You Think

Our devices provide powerful features that all work straight out of the box.

Rock-solid VoIP can be as simple as plugging the device in.

Models for any business

Our BR1 Minis are an affordable solution that will protect your connection from disconnects

The BR1 Pro 5G brings affordable 5G into your base of operations

Supporting Wi-Fi 6, you can connect several phones to the same wireless connection with minimal delay.

The Balance 20X brings the speed for larger offices or those with fast connections

With a max throughput of 900Mbps. It’ll be able to handle everyone’s calls without fail.

Balance 20X

  • Cost-effective expandable SD-WAN router
  • Ideal for medium enterprises or branches

BR1 Pro 5G

  • The most affordable 5G router on the market
  • Ideal for areas without access to landlines

BR1 Mini

  • Best value Industrial-Grade Router with multi-WAN inputs
  • Ideal for small, family-owned, or independent businesses.

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