Work From Anywhere with Peplink with Verizon OneTalk

Verizon OneTalk, a multi-line telephone solution connecting your office phone to your mobile devices, providing business telephone features on any of your common devices.


Businesses can’t avoid internet downtime. No matter the ISP, eventually an internet connection will fail. With one ISP connection to rely on, medium enterprises are finding that their bandwidth is being overloaded by multiple users, making them extremely unreliable with a bad user experience. Cellular connections might be the answer to solve the problem to keep everyone connected at all times.

Having a backup connection available is also possible, but traditional failover models cause OneTalk calls to get disconnected twice during every failover event: first when the system switches to the backup connection, and again when the primary comes back online. This means dropped or missed phone calls multiple times with every outage!


Working closely with one of our partners in the US, 5GStore, we were able to formulate a strategic offering to eliminate the challenges often experienced in keeping VoIP reliable.

Based on the known variables within a medium enterprise/branch with only one ISP connection which is somewhat reliable, we can implement an additional single LTE connection via a Balance 20X. This device is perfect due to it’s throughput potential and wide support for various technologies. The bonus is that it can be expanded to accept another cellular connection by using a MAX Adapter via the USB-WAN port, or FlexModule Mini port, making this device highly upgradable for increasing demands.

At the same time, not all locations are equal. If the location is very rural where a ISP link is not present, or if the ISP link is very unreliable then we could offer other solutions such as a dual cellular UBR LTE device. Here, you can utilize dual LTE connections (with redundant SIM slots) as a seamless failover making sure no VoIP call has issues.


By introducing additional cellular WANS, Peplink’s SpeedFusion VPN tunnel could be formed. This enables technologies such as WAN Smoothing to replicate packet-loss within poor connections, and Hot Failover to enable a seamless failover from unreliable ISP connections, to the cellular link in standby.

With Peplink’s load balancing algorithms, configuring via the cloud-based management platform InControl 2, can help you easily fine-tune how traffic is distributed across available connections, all remotely.

With SimplyBonding for OneTalk, you’ll never drop a call, even if your primary ISP goes offline completely. Never miss or drop a call again due to internet issues!

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Balance 20X

  • Cost-effective expandable SD-WAN router
  • Has multiple LAN ports for connecting network devices
  • Adding an extra cellular connection using a USB dongle or expansion module, further increasing reliability.
  • Ideal for medium enterprises or branches


  • A budget-friendly dual cellular router
  • Capable of Bandwidth Bonding, combining the bandwidth of 2 LTE connections
  • Ideal for locations without access to landlines