Introducing Peplink



Firmware 8.3.0 is finally here to provide you with the best Peplink experience. From highly anticipated new features to refinements, this update is the best to date. Period.

5G Starlink

Improved Connectivity Experience For 5G & Starlink


SpeedFusion Connect (previously SpeedFusion Connect Protect) now comes with unlimited usage. Experience the convenience of SpeedFusion just with a valid CarePlan, without ever feeling lost and out of contact.

SpeedFusion Connect Protect

Dynamic Weighted Bonding was already groundbreaking, but it’s now even better. Experience this default traffic distribution policy, just intelligently enhanced to provide faster speeds in detecting bad links and packet loss.


Two Antenna Mode is now an option for selected 5G devices. This highly requested feature enables you to overcome limitations in your setup, whilst preserving the Peplink experience.

*For the following models which contain -GLTE-S or -5GH in the SKU:

Balance: 310 5G/Fiber 5G

MAX: BR1 Pro 5G, BR1 Pro HW7, BR2 Pro, Transit 5G, HD1 Dome/Dome Pro

X Series: All

Two Antenna Mode

Choose your preferred carrier, set signal strength thresholds, monitor your band channel widths, and even SIM card priorities, with this intelligent firmware upgrade.

Carrier SIM Setting

More Flexibility of WAN Options

Synergy Mode

Synergize multiple Peplink devices and maintain the ability to control them natively under one intuitive UI.

Virtual WAN

Lacking WAN inputs? The latest update offers default Virtual WAN support for applicable devices so you can create a virtual WAN on a particular VLAN and continue to enjoy SpeedFusion.

MAX Adapter

The MAX Adapter can now be configured as a cellular WAN, allowing you to fine-tune your configurations!

MAX Adapter
Serial Port Connect to InTouch

Get InTouch with Your Devices


Now supporting USB to Serial adapters, InTouch further provides unmatchable OOBM access to all remote devices behind your Peplink router – IP devices, remote desktops, remote protocols for servers, and more.

More Upgrade

Further Enhancements

Added Site-to-Site VPN Mode to provide utmost transparency to your clients.


Outbound Policy
Create outbound policies based on recognized default source client types.

Outbound Policy

Set specific bandwidth upload/download caps to your chosen applications.


NAT Detection
has been improved to provide a seamless flow of data through your multiple links connected to one WAN.

NAT Detection

New Product
SpeedFusion Connect Relay
Remotely connect to your home network as if you were there and securely access your IoT devices behind it.

SpeedFusion Connect Relay

Name Changes
To keep everything consistent within the Peplink ecosystem, some products/services have been renamed.

Home Sharing

Relay Mode


SpeedFusion VPN