HazLoc Connectivity

Providing you connectivity, where you may have thought it was not possible.

Hazardous Locations (HazLoc) are very apparent in some industries. Why lose productivity because of poor connectivity due to the environment. From monitoring machine performance to preventing outages, Peplink can help you no matter the location. 

HazLoc Connectivity

What are your challenges in Hazardous Locations?

Environmental safety

The risk of sparks and explosions in certain environments means stringent procedures must be followed to ensure the safety of the public and the environment.

Remote locations

Sometimes fixed wired connections are just not cost effective and wireless is the only feasible choice. 

Challenging conditions

With numerous sensors needed to monitor machinery and then to effectively transmit insights back to the HQ, a fast and reliable connection is a must. 

The Big Picture

Featured Products

MAX BR1 Mini (HW3)
  • Class 1 Division 2 approved when used in conjunction with the optional mounting kit
  • Deployed at Pump Machines to provide consistent data streams.
  • Features a Power Terminal Block for secure power supply installation.
InControl 2
  • Creates a centralized management platform so all Peplink devices can be monitored and configured from any browser, remotely.
  • Configure any and all of your endpoints simultaneously.
  • Eliminates truck-rolls, thus enhancing productivity and decreasing downtime.

SpeedFusion Cloud

Provides a versatile end point, eliminating the need for complicated deployments.

Utilize SpeedFusion technology such as Bandwidth Bonding, for times where bandwidth is needed.