Rolling Workplace

Unbreakable Cloud Office for Employee Bus Connectivity

More and more highly prolific companies, both inside and out of Silicon Valley, are providing employee transportation to and from the office. These companies now have a way to turn those employee commute hours into meaningful productivity, thanks to Peplink’s Rolling Workplace.

Not Just Another Hotspot

Basic Wi-Fi on a bus is nothing new. Simple tasks like checking and returning emails on the way to the office is all well and good. But a variety of factors, like spotty cell coverage or video-streaming bandwidth hogs on the bus, don’t allow for more complicated, true productivity, such as using cloud office apps or coding. These users require low latency, high speed, and above all, stable connectivity to accomplish their work. There is no room for dodgy coverage or lackluster speeds when trying to extend one’s workplace to their bus seat.

Beyond Load Balancing

Load balancing routers were thought to be the answer, but programming or cloud office application usage was still out of reach, thanks to sessions being broken when switching carriers. With this being a likely, and frequent, occurrence, using persistent session-reliant applications like SSH, VPN, HTTPS, or even video chats is (at best) inadvisable or (at worst) flat-out impossible.

Load Balancing Solution for Employee Transportation #4

Speed & Reliability.

With Peplink’s SpeedFusion Technology, we’re able to bond multiple SIM cards, from a combination of LTE carriers, to provide truly unbreakable connectivity and bandwidth. Employees on these buses are now completely unbridled; free to reliably and confidently use cloud office applications such as Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365, long before they step foot into the office for the day.

Load Balancing Solution for Employee Transportation #5

Centralized Management

Peplink’s Rolling Workplace devices and configurations can not only combine multiple SIM cards into a super fast, unbreakable tunnel, but can also be completely managed and monitored through InControl 2. This allows the administrator(s) to monitor data cap usage, access GPS information, dictate what types of traffic to prioritize, and so much more.

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