Dagelijks Leven Connection for Smart Building Equipment

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Specialized Care Centers

Dagelijks Leven runs small-scale residential care centers throughout the Netherlands. People with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other forms of memory loss can live there in a cozy, familiar environment, close to family and friends.

Peplink partner, Negotica, offered the care centers an affordable and automated solution to reduce fixed costs. Negotica is a Dutch system integrator and developer of smart building, energy and healthcare solutions. Their work integrates products from the domotics (building automation), building, and care markets.

Providing Reliable Networks and Automating Care

The goal was to deliver reliable connectivity for their building automation equipment, as well as deliver Internet access for the system, employees, and residents. It was vital that the automation functionality and Internet access did not interfere with each other. To achieve this, Negotica deployed the Pepwave AP One Enterprise.

Its simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi provided two independent networks (5GHz and 2.4GHz) that worked together, ensuring that all the devices can connect without clashing.

This gave employees a stable connection for their alerts, and gave residents reliable Internet connectivity. The AP One access points support up to 16 SSIDs, each with independent bandwidth limits and web blocking, making them ideal for controlling the bandwidth and usage within the care centers.

For automation, sensors have been placed to measure and map out the behavior of the residents. If a resident opens the door, it will trigger the sensor. This data will be sent over to a server where it all comes together on Negotica’s software. Alerts will be visible on the dashboard and employees will receive the alerts on their smartphones.

Implementing a Winning Solution

In an average care center, 6 to 7 AP One Enterprise were placed for complete coverage. The plenum-rated, flame-resistant AP One Enterprise is designed with ceiling mount, so it fits just about anywhere. 802.3af PoE input eliminates the need for power cables.

With the AP One Enterprise, Negotica managed to reduce the fixed costs of Dagelijks Leven by providing a complete automated system. This means they needed less employees in each small-scale residential care center.

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