InControl API

Integrate InControl in Your Own Platform

Peplink’s InControl API makes it possible to fold InControl functionality and reporting directly into your own system, web-based platform, or app. You’ll be able to see usage reports, view connection statuses, collect user statistics, and see a map of your Peplink devices in real time.

InControl API for Network Management Solution #2

What can I do with InControl API?

Here are just a few ideas of all you can do with InControl API


View status of WAN connections, cellular or otherwise.

Real-Time Map

Generate real-time data of all your Peplink devices.

User Statistics

Improve Scheduling Efficiency with the Data from InControl 2.


Pull bandwidth consumption data to provide usage alerts.

InControl API for Network Management Solution #3

Integration Made Simple

With InControl’s API, public safety, maritime, or logistics companies are now able to add GPS information directly into their proprietary platforms. Public transportation companies are able to view user statistics to help with their capacity planning, according to when they see the most traffic.

InControl API for Network Management Solution #4

Compatible with any Management System

Peplink’s InControl API allows you to put its capabilities to work for your industry-specific solution packages. For instance, you can use the API to add cellular WAN information capability to your own management platform or use InControl’s data monitoring features in your app to monitor data usage.

InControl API for Network Management Solution #5

Scalability & Self-Service

A MSP can make their business much more scalable by giving customers’ the ability to self-service. From checking WAN statuses and availability to monitoring their own data, customers can now take these tasks into their own hands. And InControl’s group structure and organization will harmonize seamlessly with your own.

Just the Tip of the Iceberg

InControl API for Network Management Solution #6

InControl API can also call deeper information from InControl to build innovative solutions with:

Port Setting Configuration

Smart Reader statistics

SSID Info and Usage