AP One Rugged

Case Durable • Price Unbeatable

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The AP One Rugged is made for times

where you need Wi-Fi in extreme environments.

Its tough exterior allows for smooth operation in -40°F/-40°C to 149°F/65°C environments.

AP One Rugged Top View AP One Rugged Cold Temp AP One Rugged Hot Temp

Power the device normally through Power over Ethernet for less cable management, or an industrial microfit connector for a secure and durable power option.

AP One Rugged Front View AP One Rugged PoE AP One Rugged Micro-Fit

It’s resistant to shock, vibrations and electromagnetic waves with the certifications to prove it.

AP One Rugged Shock

The DIN rail mount system allows for flexible deployment, no matter if it’s on a wall, on a pole or on the ceiling.

AP One Rugged DIN Rail Mount
AP One Rugged Wi-Fi Mesh and IC2

Take full control of your network

This isn’t just your everyday access point. With Wi-Fi mesh support, you can eliminate blindspots in your network, and easily control all your devices with InControl 2.

AP One Rugged GE Ports

Ethernet available whenever you need it

It’s not just limited to simply providing Wi-Fi either. Boost your devices with wired connections through its 3 GE ports. Having options gives you the power to deploy however you want.

Ports and Connections

AP One Rugged Front Ports
AP One Rugged Rear Ports
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