Authorized E-tailer Program

The Seal of Quality of Purchasing Peplink Online

As an Authorized eTailer, you will have our endorsement for selling Peplink products online

Right to use the Peplink Badge

Authorized eTailers will be able to use the “Authorized eTailer” badge on their website.

Presence eTailer List

Authorized eTailers will appear in a list on our website that customers can search through.

Customer Support

For online purchases, only products sold through Authorized eTailers will be supported.

Peplink Authorized eTailer

When shopping for Peplink products online, make sure you see this logo before making a purchase.

If you do not see this logo on an online store selling Peplink, there is no guarantee of product quality, and you could possibly receive 2nd-hand product. In addition, we will be unable to provide support of any kind for products purchased through unauthorized channels.

To check whether an online store is authorized, search for it on our Authorized eTailer directory.