• MSPs and end users differ in their criteria for selecting vendor solutions, with the former catering to a wider variety of network requirements.
  • Scalability, ease of management, and cost-effectiveness are key elements, though not all vendors are MSP-friendly.
  • Peplink features a variety of reliable yet affordable hardware and software that can be easily managed by MSPs.

MSPs and end users view connectivity solutions differently, with the former considering a broader range of criteria to accommodate various network requirements. Reliable networks managed by MSPs begin with building a suitable network infrastructure that comprises the best routers and technologies. And with Peplink, a diverse selection of affordable and supercharged solutions are available for MSPs to select from and manage.

First and foremost, the performance and reliability of a vendor solution is already expected. MSPs require connectivity solutions that will maintain network uptime and uninterrupted connection. Making up a reliable solution can include the availability of WAN sources, such as cellular and wired connections, and technologies to support the network such as failover mechanisms.

However, there are a lot more that they look at, such as scalability, vendor support, and cost-effectiveness. 

When Less is Truly More

To create a comprehensive connectivity solution, MSPs often need to combine products from multiple vendors. This, in turn, requires additional management and integration efforts from MSPs. Testing the compatibility between different vendors can consume valuable resources, let alone identifying which ones offer the required network appliances. 

Opting for network appliances from the same ecosystem provides more seamless integration and simplified management. These solutions offer enhanced feature sets that, when used together, deliver advanced functionalities. For instance, cellular routers with bandwidth aggregation capabilities.

However, what happens when more is actually needed? While a good vendor may cover a wide range of networking hardware and software, what sets a great vendor apart is its flexibility. MSPs also encounter networks that require scalability. A versatile router should be capable of fulfilling necessary functions as a standalone device, while seamlessly integrating into existing networks.  

Bang for Your Buck

Even if MSPs find a solution with minimal hardware, managing several networks incurs expenses. Reliable hardware and technologies are sought after, but so is a good price for them. MSPs look for reliable yet affordable cellular routers to suit varying budgets from end users they work with. Nevertheless, vendors offer additional features and technologies that are enabled through licenses. And these result in recurring expenses. 

A cost-effective portfolio allows MSPs to not only save on costs, but pass on these cost savings to end users. With lower costs on hardware, MSPs can offer more competitive pricing, or allocate the budget to add-ons for flexible offerings. 

All Hands on Deck  

While MSPs manage network solutions for end users, they still look to vendors for support and customer service. When taking on cellular routers or software, MSPs need to understand the solutions’ features and capabilities. Additionally, support from the vendor provides them with the best practices for the most effective ways to use their products. This can be done in the form of training or well-written documentation.

Occasionally, technical issues surface or updates are due for firmware on cellular routers. MSPs turn to the original vendors for technical assistance to achieve the most efficient solutions. Similarly, when MSPs raise issues, a responsive vendor will be able to escalate issues internally to resolve these. And for updates, MSPs can receive notifications and proper assistance from vendors. 

All Signs Point to Peplink

Whether it’s scalability, ease of management, or cost-effectiveness that MSPs primarily look at, all of these point to Peplink for a truly supercharged solution. Peplink provides a vast portfolio comprising cellular routers that cover a range of price points to suit any network size. Either to serve at the heart of the network or add connectivity to another branch, Peplink’s cellular routers offer flexibility on top of its reliability. 

Within the ecosystem, Peplink also offers access to network enhancing technologies through packaged subscriptions. MSP-friendly license models are available with fairly-priced subscriptions and plans that can cover multiple years for simpler monitoring. Additionally, Peplink is home to a suite of management tools for easier management.