iTel Supercharges TelCo MPLS Infrastructure with Peplink

Wired connectivity such as MPLS is not unsusceptible to obstacles, especially where infrastructure is imperfect. And for financial institutions where connectivity is essential for operations, downtime can result in business losses. A Canadian financial institution reached out to iTel Networks Inc. to help supercharge their TelCo MPLS infrastructure.


A nationwide financial institution in Canada needed to fix network shortcomings they were experiencing with their existing TelCo MPLS infrastructure. Connection resiliency was dependent on the TelCo’s footprint, making the company vulnerable to unreliable wired-line connectivity in Canadian branch locations where MPLS infrastructure is poor.

The client turned to iTel, a Canadian-based Managed Service Provider, to provide a viable, cost-effective solution. iTel network engineers understood that decentralizing their client’s dependence on the Telco network infrastructure was the key to reclaiming control over branch resiliency.

Power of Partnership

iTel collaborated with FrontierUS after learning that Peplink technology efficiently and affordably solved the use case. The expert sales and support team at iTel vetted the Peplink deployment that would enable a fully integrated, secure VPN solution across thousands of branch offices nationwide.


Peplink’s SD-WAN technology provides complex VPN configurations, connecting thousands of branch offices together securely. These are created and deployed automatically with centralized WAN monitoring and notifications, providing a real-time view of WAN health and availability through Peplink’s zero-touch InControl 2 cloud-managed GUI. Peplink’s SpeedFusion technology ensures uncompromised VPN security with packet-level encryption.

In iTel’s case, they utilized 1,068 Peplink MAX Transit Core routers across the country to fully integrate with the client’s existing VPN – a solution that protected the integrity of the existing network’s security requirements – an absolute must for the strict security standards of the financial industry. Peplink provided a tertiary circuit into their managed SD-WAN solution. With dual-carrier SIM capability, this non-wireline Hot Failover solution meant zero disruption to connectivity in the event of a primary and secondary wireline service failure. In the event of failure, their SD-WAN routes traffic over the Peplink with dual-carrier, diverse SIMs.

The Peplink ecosystem is engineered to allow branch locations of any size and scope to be remotely managed from a central location. SpeedFusion and InControl 2 technologies make visibility into the network possible from anywhere, and InTouch provides MSP network administrators control and insight over any Peplink device on the network remotely.


iTel provided the financial institution with a Peplink MSP solution that significantly improved uptime and provided 360° visibility into their nationwide network. iTel’s client reports significant cost savings from reduced downtime and convenient data-pooling across two different cellular network carriers, adding to the value of the seamless, unbreakable connectivity Peplink technology offers.


MAX Transit Core

  • Deployed to financial institution branches
  • Enables failover for network redundancy
  • Configured and managed through InControl 2 for scalability

MAX Transit Duo Pro (Alternative)

  • Deployable in place of MAX Transit Core
  • Dual cellular router with Wi-Fi 6 speeds
  • Multiple power input options for flexibility