Free Healthcare One Connected Mobile Health Clinic at a Time

An American community-based organization regularly sends out mobile health clinics to provide free healthcare for those uninsured or under-insured. In order to pledge their services, they needed stable and secure connections between each mobile health clinic and their offices.


The organization operates their mobile health clinics in more remote areas where locals do not have the time or financial resources to visit private or government-owned clinics. Despite running independently, their services have been labeled as mission-critical as more than two-thirds of their patients have at least one serious chronic condition.

To tend to their patients, the organization needs immediate access to their database containing patient care and follow-up documents. With the clinics travelling across different states, consistent communications has always been an issue. They turned to one of Peplink’s American partners to help improve their connections between the clinics and organization data center.


Using a MAX Transit Duo in each mobile health clinic, Peplink’s partner implemented a mobile communications system. With a FusionHub established at the organization’s data center, patient records and other essential data could be transmitted.

The devices along with the FusionHub formed unbreakable VPN connections which allowed for SpeedFusion technologies. One of which is Bandwidth Bonding, aggregating available bandwidth to help deliver larger files. The Wi-Fi as WAN feature of the Transit Duo also provides mobile health clinics with equally reliable access in areas where public Wi-Fi is available.


Thanks to Peplink’s devices and technologies, the organization now has 24/7 access to electronic medical records, along with centralized data and access controls compliant with the HIPAA standard wherever they go. Using VoIP, all mobile health clinics can access confidential information without worrying about security.


MAX Transit Duo

  • Deployed to each mobile clinic
  • Dual embedded cellular modems and two redundant SIM slots
  • Wi-Fi as WAN feature allows mobile clinics to use public Wi-Fi when available


  • Established in organization’s data center
  • Enables SpeedFusion technologies such as Bandwidth Bonding
  • Forms unbreakable VPN connection for secure transmission of confidential data