Five Growing Trends for MSPs

Managed Service Providers

MSPs (Managed Service Providers) have grown more sophisticated over the years, surpassing the basic tasks of simple help desk support. And with technology quickly advancing, MSPs are required to provide services that live up to these technologies. The following are 5 of the several growing trends for what people look for from MSPs.

1. 5G Offerings

5G has been a hot topic during the past year, with more wireless carriers shutting down their 3G networks to develop in 5G networks. This new network presents users greater bandwidth and lower latency. MSPs can take advantage of 5G offerings for greater revenue.

2. Remote Work

Especially during the most recent pandemic, a lot of operations were required to go remote and to move work into home offices. And even after the pandemic comes to an end, remote work has become a new norm in several industries. This means there’s a greater need for on-the-move connectivity, VPN, remote desktop services, remote management, easy access to the cloud, and so on.

3. Scalability

Efficiency is always a key player because time can be costly. A lot of clients look for rapidly deployable units to expand their network, whether it be for pop-up locations or new locations. Part of the need for scalable solutions addresses the desire to minimize on-site experts and truck rolls.

4. Security

Despite technological advancements, networks can still be vulnerable to security threats. More and more MSPs are expected to have the tools to monitor a network, identify and prevent security threats, as well as build safeguarding solutions. With security being a constant necessity, MSPs can expect this to be an ongoing demand.

5. XaaS (Everything-as-a-Service)

Most businesses are undergoing a digital transformation, and turn to MSPs for the right resources. By providing everything as a service, MSPs expand the services they offer to clients. These include a more proactive role in monitoring the network or fully manageable solutions that can be easily integrated.

How Peplink Completes the Puzzle for MSPs

With MSPs facing increasing demands from clients, it’s crucial for them to address these growing trends. In the same way Peplink makes it always work for end users, we have the portfolio and technologies to make connectivity reliable for MSPs.

Peplink’s growing line of products include a wide variety of 5G routers to support your network. The accompanying technologies like InControl and SpeedFusion technologies help MSPs monitor and manage multiple networks conveniently and securely.

Whether it’s the additional bonus of the routers’ portable form factors or their plug-and-play systems, Peplink’s portfolio is easily scalable when configured through InControl and offers the right networking enhancing technologies for remote work.