Drive-Through Clinic Data Transfers Secured with Peplink Solution

In response to the COVID-19 situation in America, a healthcare network held a mass vaccination drive-through. They needed to deploy a connectivity solution within a short amount of time.


The health network launched the vaccination drive-through clinic in a remote area where connectivity was scarce. However, they needed to implement a reliable and secure solution to allow for confidential information transfers between the drive-through clinic and the hospital. On top of this, time was very limited as they wanted to implement this at the soonest opportunity.


To meet the high bandwidth requirements in the remote location, the health network teamed up with one of Peplink’s US partners. Together, they delivered a rapidly deployable connectivity solution for the drive-through clinic.

At the drive-though site, a MAX HD4 MBX 5G was deployed. Using a single 5G and three LTE connections via its embedded cellular radios, this powerhouse device was able to provide concurrent connectivity. 

In addition to its already shock and vibration resistant industrial design, the MBX 5G was housed in a custom West Networks SpeedFusion case for additional protection. Flexible power inputs further allowed for the device to safely rely on a mobile generator for consistent power.

Meanwhile at the hospital, a FusionHub was established. This served as a backup at times of high load while providing optimal operational performance. A SpeedFusion VPN tunnel was created between the drive-through clinic and the hospital for secure transfers of confidential data.


With this solution in place, Bandwidth Bonding aggregated the cellular links present at the drive-through clinic. The combined bandwidth enabled serious volumes of data to be transmitted. At the same time, Load Balancing algorithms were used to achieve connections that were fine-tuned depending on the application and priority.



  • Deployed to the drive-through clinic
  • Enables Bandwidth Bonding and Hot Failover for resilient network connection
  • Small and sturdy form factor for rapid, mobile deployment


  • Established in the hospital
  • Evenly distributes data traffic to different connections, making the control center’s Internet access uninterrupted