Bringing the Mobility Antenna Series to Life

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Designed for mobile applications, antennas of the Mobility series have appropriately high gain, efficiency, and an ultrawide bandwidth. In addition to these, the Mobility antenna series is ideal for installations that call for durability and mobility. We prove this through real-life applications such as the following, where Mobility antenna served thousands of users.

The Need to Connect 36,000 Commuters

A small city in New York is home to around 60,000 citizens, with most using local transit buses to get around and 60% of them spending a great amount of time on the road. One of the city’s transportation companies runs a fleet of 100 buses across 36 different routes, providing public transit to these citizens. To keep passengers connected, they needed a solution.

The company was unsure of how to integrate security, scalability, marketing, and customer experience. They hoped to offer free internet connectivity services across all routes, while being able to capture data to help market local businesses and increase sales. Thus, they turned to one of Peplink’s partners for a strategic setup, which can seamlessly connect around 36,000 commuters daily.

How Peplink Helped

The solution called for the deployment of 100 MAX Transit Mini devices. Each one was paired with a Mobility 22G Antenna to offer secure Wi-Fi on the move with LTE. The dual-band Wi-Fi for high bandwidth makes it a highly reliable antenna. The GPS receiver in the Mobility 22G Antenna is equipped with high gain LNA, which makes it ideal for location tracking when used with the MAX Transit Mini’s built-in GPS tracking system.

Thanks to Peplink’s experienced partner, the transportation company has been able to offer high-speed Wi-Fi to thousands of commuters. They have also witnessed a calculated 12% increase in productivity, which improved the efficiency. Additionally, the network continues to help local businesses advertise themselves and show current promotions through the Captive Portal.

Because of the Mobility 22G, a large number of users are able to stay connected. Peplink’s Mobility antenna series is perfect for mobile deployments and provides internet connection anytime and anywhere, to any number of users.


The MAX Transit Mini
The Mobility 22G Antenna

MAX Transit Mini

  • Deployed in 100 buses covering 36 routes to provide LTE connectivity to daily commuters.
  • InControl 2 with PrimeCare allows for remote central management and pushing configurations.
  • The built-in GPS tracking system allows for network insights such as scheduling efficiency.

Mobility 22G Antenna

  • Each MAX Transit Mini is paired with a Mobility 22G Antenna.
  • 2×2 cellular MIMO for high bandwidth and solid reliability, dual-band Wi-Fi, and GPS.
  • The GPS receiver is equipped with high gain LNA, making it ideal for location tracking.

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