Choosing a 5G router for security systems is no longer a simple task, as people now have higher expectations for video security and access control devices. Real-time footage is streamed to the cloud for better storage and retrieval, and devices are not only connected, but interconnected for maximum automation. This requires the router to have indoor 5G capability and firmware features that can handle the high bandwidth demands.

A US-based security systems developer provides solutions for enterprises with just such needs. They have been using Peplink’s LTE routers to ensure their solutions have fast and reliable Internet access. However, with the major ISPs launching their mid-band 5G spectrum, such as Verizon’s C-Band, the company began to think about upgrading their solutions by leveraging indoor 5G. After speaking with a Peplink partner they had been working with for years, the BR2 Pro 5G router was chosen.

The BR2 Pro 5G router is one of the Peplink devices that have been certified on Verizon’s C-Band network. Embedded with two 5G modems, it allows two 5G connections to be active at the same time. The 5G router also has two WAN ports, which means two additional sources of wired Internet can be added to the dual 5G. With such capacity, it is a perfect choice for powering up security systems, even if the system includes multiple video security and access control devices.

The upgraded security system and Peplink 5G router combination was first deployed in a retail store. By leveraging indoor 5G, the combination gave the retail store something they had never experienced before.

Something Traditional Security Systems Cannot Achieve
Peplink for Security Systems

The retailer was using a legacy digital video recorder system left over from the previous franchisee for security, but it was outdated. Retrieval was inefficient, and any downtime resulted in missing footage. Hence a cloud-based video security system was necessary. Moreover, all doors at the retail location were locked with physical keys. Whenever a key was missing, there was a security breach and all associated keys and the lock had to be replaced. Therefore, an entirely new access control system was also needed.

Understanding the retailer’s issues, the security systems company implemented a fully integrated solution. All cameras recorded at up to 4K resolution. Video security footage was streamed in real time for remote monitoring, and clips were automatically time-stamped and stored on cloud-based servers. These cameras were also connected to the access control at the doors to provide instant visibility if someone entered a door with someone else’s access credentials.

But the retailer’s existing fixed line was nowhere near enough to support this solution. All of these activities were made possible by the supercharged connectivity that Peplink’s BR2 Pro 5G router provided.

Peplink 5G Routers for Security Systems
Only Possible with Peplink’s 5G Routers,
Technologies and Advanced Firmware Features

With C-Band certification, the BR2 Pro 5G router can be used to activate Verizon’s 5G Business Internet. This allowed the security systems company to easily add 5G connections on top of the retailer’s existing network infrastructure to take advantage of the high speeds and low latency of indoor 5G. But of course, the BR2 Pro 5G router does more than that.

Think of the BR2 Pro 5G router as the command center of your network. Two 5G connections and two wired connections come out of it, creating a high level of redundancy for minimal downtime. With Hot Failover, one of Peplink’s patented technologies, traffic continues seamlessly even if one of the connections fails.

Hot Failover for Security Systems

For data-intensive activities, for example, streaming, the BR2 Pro 5G router combines multiple connections together. This is called Bandwidth Bonding, another Peplink exclusive technology. This technology has been taken to the next level with the release of Firmware 8.3.0 – Dynamic Weighted Bonding. With this intelligent firmware feature, the BR2 Pro 5G router aggregates connections with similar latency levels, making the most of each link while preventing the performance of better ones from being dragged down.

Dynamic Weighted Bonding for Security Systems

Combining the technologies and advanced firmware features, the BR2 Pro 5G router provides an ultra-reliable and fast network for the security system, supercharging all connected video security and access control devices.

Peplink offers other 5G router choices certified on Verizon’s C-Band network. Check out what else you can get to enjoy indoor 5G here.

Peplink 5G Router Highlight

BR2 Pro 5G Router for Security Systems

Peplink BR2 Pro

  • 2x 5G Modems
  • Wi-Fi 6
  • PoE Input
  • Supports Private 5G

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