SD – Power Management Unit

Software-Defined Power Management Unit PEPXIM #2

3 Devices in One

The SD-PMU can reduce setup costs, operational complexity, and maintenance expenses by performing the functions of three devices: a low-voltage disconnect monitor, a DC-DC converter, and a DC distribution panel.

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Software-Defined Power Management Unit PEPXIM #2

Reduced Network Complexity

Rather than installing three enclosures and connecting them through cables, installation now simply involves connecting the batteries and an Ethernet connection to the SD-PMU. This results in significantly reduced network complexity, smaller footprint, and greater network resilience.

Overcoming Challenges of Battery-Powered Deployments

Whether enabling free Wi-Fi for buses, or maintaining surveillance on maritime deployments, you need to rely on battery power. Any battery-powered deployments will face a number of challenges, including voltage fluctuation, inability to troubleshoot, or battery drainage.

Voltage Regulation and Boost

The SD-PMU can take power from sources with low or fluctuating voltage and turn them into a reliable streams of 52V power.

Remote Voltage Monitoring

The SD-PMU records battery voltage information and sends it over the IoT Cloud for remote monitoring.

Low Voltage Disconnect

If the battery cannot deliver sufficient voltage, then the SD-PMU will automatically shut off access to the battery after a predefined delay.

Use Cases



Public Safety

Topology In-Vehicle Deployment

Connect the SD-PMU to your car battery to deliver reliable 52V power. Connect the LAN port to your router in order to remotely monitor battery output via the IoT Cloud.

Software-Defined Power Management Unit PEPXIM #7

Sequential Boot-Up

With the SD-PMU, you could determine which port receives power first upon boot up. This is useful for deployments where the operation of the second device is dependent on that of the first. Use the IoT Cloud to remotely determine the boot up sequence.

Supported Models

  • Power Input2x Terminal Blocks, 2x DC Jacks
    12-56V DC
    Power Output4x Terminal Blocks: 52V DC (2x Shared Channels: Front/Back)
    MAX Wattage Output200W Per Output Channel (Front/Back)
    Ignition Management1x Ignition Sense PIN
    Ethernet Port1x Ethernet Port for IoT Cloud Access
    EnclosureIndoor Metal
    Dimensions7.4 x 8.1 x 1.6 inches |
    187 x 205 x 41 mm
    Weight4.4 pounds |
    2000 grams
    Operating Temperature-4° – 131°F |
    -20° – 55°C
    Humidity15% – 95% (non-condensing)
    CertificationsFCC, CE, RoHS, Rolling Stock
    Warranty1-Year Limited Warranty
    Package ContentSD-PMU, 2x L-mounts
  • Product Code

    Product Name Description
    PMU-DD-52V-400W   Software-Defined  Power Management Unit

       Software-Defined Power Management Unit, 2x terminal block inputs, 4x terminal block outputs. Cloud Functionality.

  • Product Code


    ACW-741 Mounting rack, mounting ears and screws for the SD-PMU
    ACW-743 Metal rack T-Mount. Fits SD-PMU, 16-Port Switch and applicable with ACW-741 Rack Mount.