Learn About the New Features of Firmware 8.1.1

Firmware 8.1.1

The new Firmware 8.1.1 for your Peplink device includes a newly added feature: Cloud Application Optimization. This allows frequently used applications to be prioritized, especially via SpeedFusion Cloud, making it more powerful.

Other new features such as Wi-Fi Mesh compatibility and OpenVPN support allow for network extension and reduces downtime.

Improved enhancements are offered for troubleshooting. Made available through an additional supported NetFlow server and Air Monitor support, both of which were highly requested features to improve efficiency.

Cloud Application Optimization

Accessing your Cloud based applications has been made possible using just one Peplink device connected to our SpeedFusion Cloud. Use Cloud Application Optimization to increase efficiency and quality as well as protect your priority applications such as Google, Office 365, and Zoom.

Wi-Fi Mesh Support

Supports 802.11ac models and above. Along with the AP Controller, this allows for mesh network extension.

OpenVPN Client mode

Connect to your other devices using OpenVPN client mode, creating a compatible virtual WAN. Customize priority of WANs, outbound policy, firewall, etc. to suit your requirements.

Enhanced Support

Support DSCP

Support for firewall filtering via DSCP, with the ability to recognize packets and block negative qualities. The outbound policy can be configured to optimize data flow based on priority and efficiency by DSCP.


PoE activation via the FlexModule ethernet ports can also be activated when they are configured as WAN.


Configurations for WAN settings can now be accessed via the new API interface for controlling, configuring, and monitoring Peplink devices in the network.

FlexModule Mini VDSL

Allows a DSL connection to be added. Compatible with Balance 20X, 380X, 580X.

Traffic Awareness


Added support for an additional NetFlow server (now two). Traffic insights can now provide data via IP. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is now supported for your Peplink router to collect and forward NetFlow data on your connected clients.

Air Monitor Support

A useful wireless environment monitoring feature which is now supported in Firmware 8.1.1. Great for troubleshooting remotely and proactively handling Wi-Fi and WAN performance.