AD Delivery Service

An all-in-one solution


Peplink’s Ad Delivery Service provides an all-in-one solution for advertisers and solution providers. Allowing for more simple yet effective deployment of monetization strategies and impactful marketing campaigns to subsidize or minimize the costs of offering free Wi-Fi.


Intelligent Advert Functionality

Choose when and how advertisements are displayed with banner carousel, video, survey, or in-session ads before users connect to your Wi-Fi. The effectiveness of these campaigns can then be monitored and actioned on the go in real-time.

Captive portal

Peplink’s Captive portal allows for the configuration of Wi-Fi access points before going online, speeds up the Wi-Fi network installation process in the cloud, and reduces on-site costs by offering pre-installation.

Engagement Insights

Detailed insights offered on the viewer’s SSID, language, GPS location, operating system, and browser.


Optimize the administration of individual accounts in an Organization and regulate network access by managing them from our InControl cloud management platform. Set specific roles and create different permission levels for internal and external collaborators.

Series Compatibility

Ad Delivery Service is now compatible with the Balance, Max, and ContentHub routers running Firmware 7 or above.

Balance Series

SD-WAN for Enterprise Deployments of all Sizes

MAX HD Series

Multi-Cellular Powerhouses for Mission Critical Connectivity

ContentHub Series

Mobile Edge Computing

AD Delivery Service

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