MediaFast Content Caching Router

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bpl-mfa-icon.fwBalance with MediaFast
eLearning Enabler
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Mobile/Remote Networking Accelerator


Lightning Fast Content Delivery. And So Much More.

MediaFast is our supercharged content caching solution. Designed with education and entertainment in mind, it downloads and accelerates video, iTunes U, iOS updates, app downloads, and other content for uninterrupted learning and fun anytime. The MediaFast can prefetch content during off-peak hours, saving connectivity costs and reducing network burden during busy times.

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Content Caching Plus
Full Feature Set from the Balance

The MediaFast 200/500/750 comes with Load Balancing, AP Controller, and other enterprise features from the Balance family as well as our MediaFast content caching, offering a hassle free solution for campus connectivity.


Stable Connectivity

Peplink routers enable you to add bandwidth, wired or wireless, anytime and load balance multiple Internet links. Automatic failover allows you to maintain an unbreakable connection. You can download media-rich course materials effortlessly with the MediaFast.

ethernet Save Bandwidth
Infinite playback of cached content. Save money and eliminate network congestion.

hourglass.fwSave Loading Time
More effective use of time in class. Focus on learning and teaching, not loading.

shake-handsSave Hassles
Central Management Platforms, your one stop management and monitor station.


500 iPads Downloading Media-Rich Content Concurrently? No Problem.

Located in a rural area with a large number of students and teachers? With MediaFast, you can download content just once and deliver it anytime, anywhere at blazing speed. Your network will continues to be up and running, and so as the class.
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Effortless iOS Updates for All Students

Managing hundreds of iPads at your campus? MediaFast can cache iOS updates and app downloads. Download the updates once, and apply them to all the iPads without consuming extra bandwidth and stressing your network.

Download Once. Infinite Playback.

Deep Insight. On-Demand.

Check bandwidth usage and savings. Track popular URLs and file types. Monitor client IP addresses, find your heaviest users, and more, all from a single intuitive interface.



Complete Solution

Connect your MediaFast with Pepwave Access Points, a single AP supports more than 50 concurrent connections. Cover your campus with Wi-Fi and cached content with our wide range of AP products.

Need to deploy AP devices all over the campus? No worries.
Learn more about our:
AP Controller – the AP Management software built into the MediaFast.
InControl 2 – the cloud based monitoring and management platform.