Public Company Video Conferences Shareholder Meeting

A Public Company in Thailand | Live Streaming

COVID-19 has brought many challenges to companies and institutions around the world. When it came time to their shareholder meeting, a public company in Thailand was no exception. They were left with little choice but to innovate and video conference their shareholder meeting.


With large gatherings being a challenge due to COVID-19, the public company needed a solution for their shareholder meeting. In the end, they chose to live stream their shareholder meeting as a video conference. The challenge now was to find a solution that could handle a heavy workload and ensure a stable and jitter-free stream. In addition to that, it also needed to be streamed across multiple platforms such as FanPage, YouTube, Instagram, and website player, while simultaneously reaching users in different countries.


The public company turned to CYN for a solution. CYN chose to set up a MAX HD2 on site and live-stream directly to a FusionHub cloud server. They then used the cloud server to re-stream across all of the different platforms. Lastly, they delivered uninterrupted, high quality, jitter-free streams by using WAN Smoothing to proactively combat packet loss.


The public company’s shareholder meeting went off without a hitch with the live stream being re-streamed smoothly across 30 different platforms at 6Mbps each, a total of 180Mbps. Taking advantage of this system, Shopee and Lazada were also able to stream the meeting to 7 different countries.


Pepwave HD2. Dual 4G LTE Mobile Router.
  • On-site deployment for instant connection to FusionHub
  • Dual cellular for network resilience
Peplink FusionHub Virtual Appliance. Extend SpeedFusion to Your Cloud.
  • Installed in the local cloud server for fast access 
  • Central hub for streaming across 30 different platforms