Peplink Drives Event Connectivity from Secret Location

When planning events, several key aspects come to mind initially, such as venue space, logistics, guest list, and marketing collateral. All of these elements contribute to bringing an event to life, but they can only thrive in an environment powered by seamless connectivity. Especially for an event like streaming the launch of a new race car, a robust network infrastructure will be the driving force behind its success.


A motorsport team was looking to host the launch of their new race car from a secret location away from the city center. Along with the large guest list, they planned to stream the event on multiple channels. While scouting the event location, the motorsport team learnt that the current connectivity infrastructure could not cater to their bandwidth requirements.

With a history of dropouts, they tasked a Peplink partner to overlay onto the existing network. However, the Peplink partner was unable to receive support from the previous IT team and discovered that the location barely had cellular signal reception.


The Peplink partner took on the challenge of establishing a new network infrastructure. At their trailer, SDX Pros were powered and connected to 24-port SD Switches, as well as the outside broadcasting trailer. On the roof, one of the switches was linked to multiple Dome Pro Duos and several Starlink dishes. Another switch was mounted onto a carpark mast along with Dome Pro Duos.

This installation availed the location of connectivity powered by Starlink, cellular, and point-to-point links arranged with a local ISP. To run connectivity throughout the event space, more 24-port and 16-port SD Switches were placed. At different locations, such as the race bay, auditorium, and communications center, AP One AXs were set up for guest Wi-Fi.


The combination of Peplink devices used resulted in a robust network for the event. The utilization of multiple connectivity sources brought redundancy and ensured reliable streams without any dropped frames. The inclusion of Dome Pro Duos improved signal reception and extended Wi-Fi coverage to various areas.

The network was utilized in multiple ways, with SDX Pros optimizing traffic routing to provide sufficient bandwidth for the streams and abundant Wi-Fi for attendees at the event. Overall, the Peplink solution contributed to a seamless and positive experience for both online guests and those present on-site.



  • Installed in the Peplink Partner’s trailer
  • Load balances all network traffic in the event
  • Accommodates scaling of network according to requirements

SD Switch 24-Port Rugged | 16-Port Rugged

  • Linked to routers and access points
  • Positioned around the location
  • Delivers connectivity to wired peripherals

Dome Pro Duo

  • Mounted on the trailer roof and carpark mast
  • Enhances cellular signal reception
  • Extends Wi-Fi coverage at event space


  • Placed throughout the venue
  • Facilitates Wi-Fi 6 for guests
  • Scalable to extend Wi-Fi in large locations