LLNC Navigates Through Connectivity Needs With Peplink

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Lake Lucerne Navigation Company (LLNC) is a public Swiss company operating passenger ships and boats on Lake Lucerne. Its origins can be traced back to 1836. Today it is the largest inland shipping company in Switzerland, and is notable for operating a number of historic paddle steamers, in addition to modern vessels.

Navigating Lake Lucerne with SpeedFusion Bonding #2


While navigating through Lake Lucerne, LLNC needed a network solution that would allow them to seamlessly transfer data from their steamers and vessels to the back office. They also needed uninterrupted connections for communications within the network.


With the help of smaro GmbH, each of LLNC’s steamers was outfitted with a MAX HD2 router and SpeedFusion. This bonded 3G and 4G connections and other available connections for high speeds and reliability. Communications from ship to shore and ship to ship were encrypted, securing sensitive transactions, ticketing, time-tracking, and other data which are automatically synchronized with back office systems.

Navigating Lake Lucerne with SpeedFusion Bonding #3
Navigating Lake Lucerne with SpeedFusion Bonding #4


The MAX HD2 provides reliable and secure connections while keeping external antennas tucked away almost invisibly. This delivers high-tech benefits without disturbing the look and feel of a steam-age vessel. SpeedFusion’s Bandwidth Bonding and Hot Failover have also specifically made the network more fault tolerant when tracking using GPS and Google Maps.

Connected applications such as POS, ticketing, and tracking, now run more efficiently than ever. LLNC has reported savings in time, money, and frustrations, especially now that the majority of the ships’ administrative work can take place on board the vessel.

Updated Deployment

After a few years, LLNC reached out to smaro GmbH, ready to take on new technologies. They sought an upgrade that would enable them to connect to 5G for uninterrupted communications and data transfer. The existing MAX HD2 routers were then upgraded with their 5G model for a faster and more reliable performance.


MAX HD2 (5G)

  • Installed in LLNC steamers and vessels
  • Paired with SpeedFusion for Bandwidth Bonding and Hot Failover
  • Supercharges use of 5G connectivity for data transfer and communications