Industrial IoT for Traditional Factories

Internet of Things | Industry 4.0

The Internet of Things (IoT) adoption is arising in various areas, especially for industrial development. Let’s see how this half-century-old corporation stepped into Industry 4.0 by embracing Peplink’s cutting-edge technology for IoT.

industrial iot water pump factory


A water pump factory was looking for an Industrial IoT solution to keep up with the development in this digital age. This company has been manufacturing city-grade (360 – 600 HP) water pumps for a very long time. With their sewers, sewage treatment facilities, gas stations, and fire alarm systems relying on external access or console ports to gather statistics, it is not easy to maintain an efficient working environment without proper management.


Peplink suggested a new network infrastructure with a centralized management system. By connecting the devices to an SDX Pro, all the statistics and information are automatically gathered and delivered to the IoT Cloud. Other than the manufacturing devices, CCTVs, and the monitoring machine, the SDX Pro is also linked to the BR1 Mini to form a SpeedFusion VPN tunnel and provide bandwidth bonding for a stable and secure network.

Above all, on-site monitoring is no longer necessary when all the devices are connected to the IoT cloud. It enables remote troubleshooting and batch management, meaning the company can view statistics, set temperature, voltage, current, and the likes from the control centre.

industrial iot br1 mini
industrial iot sdx pro


Revamping the network infrastructure of this water pump factory can not only increase the operational efficiency through automation, but also create a safer working environment by using real-time machine monitoring and alerting to prevent machine failure. When the traditional factories go for a digital upgrade, they will need reliable connectivity and the ability to handle data variety. With Peplink’s Industrial IoT solution, data processing and machine learning have never been easier.


sdx-pro for mammography case study


  • Acts as a load balancer for the multiple WAN
  • Provides a reliable connectivity to IoT Cloud
  • Protects digital privacy with Site-to-Site SpeedFusion VPN

BR1 Mini

  • Connects to IoT devices via serial port
  • Transits data to SDX Pro via SpeedFusion Tunnel